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Opening keynote: Become a TUNED-in Marketer with the 5 principles of Marketing

‘From the death of third-party cookies to the addition of new privacy regulations marketers are facing new challenges every day – to understand how to set up to excel tomorrow, we’ve put together 5 key principles to Dynamic Marketing that will have you TUNED in to your customers. What if you would have a playbook for … Continued

By Matthew Berger Senior Content Strategist @ Tealium

Innovation as a Service – The Table of The 5th Conference

Innovating smart is key. Let’s make it cost-efficient and based on the newest technologies. In analogy with delaware’s successful DEL20 concept where IT companies co-discover and co-create applied innovation, we will launch a similar initiative but for marketeers only; The Table of the 5th Conference.And of course all future projects will have a focus on … Continued

How Belgian Cycling Factory Used a CDP to Go from an Uphill Climb to a Downhill Coast

Agility doesn’t just enable cyclists to breakaway from the competition; it’s also essential to breaking away from the competition in business. Now more than ever, it’s critical to invest in a data and marketing technology infrastructure that increases marketing agility so you can quickly switch gears when the unexpected inevitably arises. Join Michel Lenaerts, Senior … Continued

By Michel Lenaerts Senior Marketing Advisor @ Belgian Cycling Factory,
Bart Heilbron CEO @ BlueConic

Nobody knows you: turn your expertise into market leadership

The biggest hurdle between you and your plans for growth is this: nobody knows you. This is true if you’re a freelancer, an employee, an executive, even a company founder. You may be going all out with your company brand, but you’ve neglected to hone your own. But the first thing your business needs to grow, is you. In this … Continued

By Michael Humblet Performance marketing & sales expert, owner @ Chaomatic

What will the 2nd golden age of Martech look like, and how do you prepare for it?

As we start this next decade in marketing, there are three major trends that are changing the strategic landscape of martech: the rise of platform ecosystems, the blending of software and services, and the shift from build vs. buy to customizing on a common commercial platform.

By Scott Brinker VP Platform Ecosystem @ Hubspot // Editor @

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Sessions and Workshops of 20 or 40 minutes

Predict the moments that matter

By Matt Parisi Senior Product Marketing Manager @ Tealium

Everything you always wanted to ask when deploying a CDP

In this session we have a live fireside chat between GrowthAgent and Belgian Cycling Factory We will provide answers to questions like: What prompted BCF to start thinking CDP… What should others think about when thinking CDP.What changed after 7 months… what can you do now. What is the biggest disappointment of your CDP so … Continued

By Michel Lenaerts Senior Marketing Advisor @ Belgian Cycling Factory

The ins and outs of a smart CDP

By Stefaan Vandeputte CDP Product Owner & Solution Lead @ delaware digital

Ever wondered what a CDP coming alive looks like?

If ‘what is a CDP?’ is still a top of mind question, and you’re having a hard time to phantom it this session will take you to the next level.Get ready to jump into the rabbit hole of CDP’s and see one of the leading global platforms in action. Take a 20 minute deep dive … Continued

By Marc van Bommel Sales Director EMEA and APAC @ BlueConic

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Customer Data [Non]Sense

When our Chairman, Dr. Linden Brown, studied marketing as a young man, he had to do quantitative research for Coca-Cola. And he found, as you all would suspect, a strong correlation between ad spend and sales. Spend more money on ads, and sales go up. Spend less, and sales go down. Then, his tutor asked … Continued

By Jef Teugels CEO @ MarketCulture Strategies Europe // CCXP expert

Wrap up and networking

Sessions and Workshops of 20 or 40 minutes

Choosing the better converting images via AI

A picture is worth a thousand words but choosing the right picture to express your message can be a real challenge. Up to now we always assumed that people are skilled in choosing the betterimages. We called that the creative touch. But what if, next to these experienced creatives, we can also rely on AI … Continued

What have you learned from the current crisis? The future of AI in Sales and Marketing

Artificial Intelligence learns from extrapolating data from past experience. The uncertainty and the ambiguity of the current social and economic crisis has helped shape clear winners and losers in the field of AI support sales and marketing. In this exclusive preview of BAI’s upcoming white paper on the Future of AI in Sales and Marketing, … Continued

By Dr. Lee Schlenker Professor of Business Analytics, Principal @ Business Analytics Institute

Attention Marketing is DEAD. Long live Intention Marketing.

Marketing is no longer about pushing messages out. Marketing is about pulling consumers in. In order to pull consumers in, marketers need to understand the intentions of the consumers, and create seamless user journeys from inspiration to action. 

By Jonas De Cooman Founder & CEO @ spott

How can deep learning help marketers?

Detailed visual recognition of humans in everyday situations could lead to the efficient detection of hypes and behavioural trends. Especially in our evermore video based social media postings. The seasonal flow of fashion creation could become something of the past with personalized production and rapid detection and enablement of trends.

By Jonathan Berte Founder & CEO @ Robovision

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What happens if a an SEO marketer falls in love with an AI?

The amount of content has exploded – and it’s harder and harder to cut trough the nice. What if you could have an AI keeping up with Google’s ever changing algorithm, and you could make SEO an exact science?What if your conten could actually beat Google? What if your competitive advantage compared to everybody else that’s fighting for … Continued

By Jasleen Kals Head of Product & Content Strategy Expert @ MarketMuse

How personal motivators affect marketing data and conversions

Every consumer or customer has a different motivation to proceed to a conversion. That is personal. Yet everyone gets the same message, offer and experience. Sometimes the price is adjusted (dynamic pricing) but it doesn’t go any further than that.During our presentation we show what value is hidden in your data. How to use this for … Continued

By Tino Dekkers Managing Partner @ nine o'clock somewhere,
Erwin van Oosten Commercial Director @ Building Blocks

How content and SEO teams should work together

By Brennan White Co-Founder & CEO @ Cortex

What’s the link between Elon Musk, Waze and neuromarketing?

Find out how neurosemantic decision-making technology can augment (not replace) your intuition!

By Hannes De Wachter Co-founder & CEO @ Mindspeller

Wrap up and networking

Sessions and Workshops of 20 or 40 minutes

How growth marketing is done on the other side of the ocean

Braulio Medina is founder of the first growth agency in LatAm, specifically in Brasil. He will explain what growth marketing means, what the best cases are. And what you can learn from them.

By Braulio Medina Head of Growth @ Rei do Pitaco (Brasil) // Founder @ Growth Team LLC

Never waste another marketing euro

Will your new fancy commercial video attract new customers? Facebook or radio for your new campaign? What amount of ad spent will bring in 1000 new customers? Hard to answer questions? Not anymore. Together with our customer, delaware created a statistical model that predicts the revenue of every euro spent on marketing media. Real, bottom … Continued

By Felix De Clercq Digital Strategist @ delaware digital

Learn the ins and outs of turning your expertise into market leadership

In this 40 min workshop Michael Humblet will share the steps you need to implement to build a revenue generating thought leadership model for your company. How to setup a content model that is geared around production and how to layer your value in such a way that you can increase your pricing. Michael will share tons … Continued

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How to reach your unreachable audience?

In a world with hundreds of digital touchpoints, it is difficult to find the right people, reach them in a targeted manner and know what value they can bring for your company or organisation. By means of case studies with leading brands, Grava will demonstrate how data matching tactics can help you untangle this complexity … Continued

By Kim Verhaegen Head of Consultancy @ Grava

10 things we can learn from the most followed LinkedIn company pages in the world

Follow Jenny’s session to get hands-on tips & tricks on how to professionalize your market approach on LinkedIn and pimp up your company profile for more views, engagement, followers and action. 

By Jenny Björklöf Founder @ Freelancers in Belgium // LinkedIn expert

The ultimate combination of martech tools successful companies use to grow faster

Go to recording A quick and practical overview of tools that you can use for your marketing and sales department!

By Renout van Hove Founder @ GrowthAgent // Co-Author of "Obsessed"

Product marketing: a software engineer’s perspective

Ever wondered how to use NPS to prioritize your marketing tech roadmap, Why support is your best marketing tool and  what the difference is between Customer centric vs customer driven?

By Andreas Creten Co-Founder & CTO @ madewithlove

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Sessions and Workshops of 20 or 40 minutes

A Martech Manifesto – 4 guiding principles to design Martech stacks fast

In this session Frans will walk you trough the 4 Guiding Martech principles that help speed up crafting Martech. The number of Martech solutions is growing at breakneck speed. Companies pick new tools quicker than they deploy them. It’s time to learn how to rapidly prototype requirements into a Martech MVP, igniting roque user adoption … Continued

By Frans Riemersma Marketing Technologist, Author, Speaker, Martech influencer top#10 in Europe, #1 in NL // Founder @ MartechTribe

Marketing of the future – you need a robot to go with that?

The power of improved employee engagement leading to improved customer experience is having a fundamental impact on the success of any organisation post COVID. Did you know that 65% of Fortune 500 companies use UiPath – and adoption rate of RPA, in general, will be 100% of all Fortune 500 companies by early next year? Join … Continued

By Guy Kirkwood Chief Evangelist @ UiPath

What we learned when we asked our users to clean up their data

Even though interfaces get redesigned at a regular basis, the foundation of the average platform in your marketing stack is probably over a decade old. When rethinking and redesigning our database model, we asked our users to clean up their existing database to be able to transfer to the new platform. I’ll share the reasons … Continued

By Michelle Dassen Business & Product Lead @ Flexmail

How to turn every employee into a marketer – scaling growth can be hidden in a surprising corner

Employees are the secret weapon of your organization. These days, it’s becoming more important than ever to make them feel connected and engaged with your organization. Koen will be sharing real-life practices and examples on how to make this happen and enhance your company culture along the way. He will learn you how to build … Continued

By Koen Stevens CEO & Word-of-Mouth Director @ Ambassify

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How to fail Marketing Automation?

In a world that is becoming a global village without trade and communication boundaries, it is more important than ever for your company to be ready to face the fierce competition. One way to achieve this is by capitalizing on your Unfair Advantage. It is a matter of standing out of the crowd, it is … Continued

By Carole Lamarque CEO & Founding partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

How activation marketing helps you stay connected with your customers in good and bad times

With the rise of customer acquisition costs, activation marketing is becoming more and more important. Using the data you often already, activation marketing aims to reinforce customer relationships and get more out of your existing customers. Jonathan and Jelle from Actito will show you why activation marketing is so important and how their customers are using … Continued

By Jelle Van Medegael Activation Marketing Practitioner @ ACTITO,
Jonathan Wuurman VP Marketing @ ACTITO

Building the automation ecosystem & what comes first

We often hear “technology is a tool, not an end in itself”. With all the choices in current marketing automation technologies, it’s easy to get tempted by a vendor to start implementing. Based on the PARK NOW case (known in Belgium and the Netherlands for its Parkmobile app), you will get a brief introduction what … Continued

By Loes Meys Head of Marketing Operations Europe @ PARK NOW Group

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