J-P De Clerck

Digital Transformation & Information Analyst / Founder @ I-Scoop.eu

Michelle Dassen

Marketing Manager @ Flexmail

Carole Lamarque

Founding Partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Dennis Kenis

Managing Partner @ FairEtail

Jef Teugels

Head of Digital Commerce @ BDO Crossroad // Advisory Board Member @ CDP Institute

Brennan White

Co-Founder & CEO @ Cortex

Melonie Dodaro

CEO @ Top Dog Social Media / Author of "LinkedIn Unlocked"

Marc Bresseel

Managing Partner @ Duval Union

Michael Humblet

Performance marketing & sales expert, owner @ Chaomatic

Xaviera Ringeling

Owner @ ContentChefs Netherlands

Danny Devriendt

Danny Devriendt is the managing director of IPG/Dynamic; the founder/Owner of Heliade* consulting and the CEO of the Eye of Horus, a global think-tank for communication-technology related topics.

Renout van Hove

MarTech expert and mentor that has helped many startups and scale ups accelerate growth.

David M. Raab

Founder of CDP Institute, marketing technology consultant for many years, background as working marketer before that.