The 5th conference on
Web3, Blockchain & Crypto

Re-shaping business, ownership and value creation.

In the past 6 months, the world has woken up with a new wave of innovation.

– Christie’s selling digital art NFTs for 69 million!?

– Someone paying 4 million for a piece of digital land in the Sandbox metaverse!?

– 110 billion dollars locked in Decentralized Finance crypto applications!?

On Wednesday 30 March, we run an evening event for a select audience. Together with some top speakers, both from the traditional and the ‘new’ finance world, we unravel some of the money topics. What is DeFi? What about programmable money and stablecoins? How is this related to Web3 and Blockchain? Is this an investment opportunity?

On Thursday 31 March, we put together a free online conference on the platform, and partially hosted by Kanaal Z. For this we’re lining up a host of expert speakers, to shed some light on a variety of topics, which we structure in 3 themes: Tech/Blockchain, Web3 and all of its consequences and Finance, Crypto & NFT’s.



Debate and network evening: 30 March *

Entrance to the evening programme at Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp
Walking dinner
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