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Networking drink T5THC / Welcome Digital Champs & Impact Awards by FeWeb / Welcome Employee Engagement Awards

Closing networking drink for the conference. Ticket holders for the FeWeb Awards or Employee Engagement Awards and dinner will now be welcomed.

Digital Champs & Impact Awards by FeWeb

Digital Champs & Impact Awards Discover the most creative, innovative and effective websites, webshops, apps and campaigns made by Belgian digital agencies and their clients. Once the deadline of 22 September has passed, the Jury of the Digital Champs Awards analyses each case to annouce the winners on D-Day. Discover the most innovative digital transformation … Continued

Employee Engagement Awards

Only for ticket holders evening program or combined with conference

Introduction to #T5THC

Setting the scene by Klaus Lommatzsch

How to grow your business exponentially?

Reflect on your journey to success in 2024. What’s holding you back from being successful in 2024? How different is your approach to grow exponentially from 2023? In the ever-changing landscape of increasing competition, the challenge of keeping your people motivated and the need to attract new talent, my keynote on “Exponential Growth” offers a … Continued

By Carole Lamarque Co-host @ The 5th Conference // CEO & Founding partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Growth Funnel Building

By Yannick Khayati Funnel Builder

The Virtual Economy

There is a new generation waiting on our doorsteps, flourishing in virtual worlds and virtual communities. They think and act differently, from leisure over work and everything in between. The third wave of the Internet is unfolding in front of our eyes, but what is it about and which opportunities will the emerging virtual economy … Continued

By Dado Van Peteghem Co-Founder @ Imagin3 Studio

Unlock your distinctiveness: Discover the 3 success factors to increase your business’ edge

How extremely unique and relevant are you? How do you give your customers magnetic value over a long period of time, unlike your competitors? Are you seeking a competitive edge that genuinely reflects your company’s strengths? Uncover the hidden potential of your Unfair Advantage and chart a path towards a resilient future. In our interactive … Continued

By Frederic Vanderheyde Founding Partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Future-proofing assets: navigating exponential

CHANGE WITH CONFIDENCE: Are you feeling the pressure of exponential change in today’s fast-paced world? Cultivate confidence and embrace the future with resilience. In this dynamic session, you will discover seven powerful assets that can prepare your business for the times ahead. Gain invaluable wisdom and be inspired to navigate the tides of change with … Continued

By Frederic Vanderheyde Founding Partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Creating a talent magnet: how to get marketing to attract employees

Attracting new talent can be challenging for any company. Discover 70 practical solutions and tools to fuel your business growth. This workshop is designed as an investment in your business, empowering you to build a strong team. By unlocking the potential of marketing for employee acquisition, you can enhance productivity and drive long-term profitability. Join … Continued

By Eveline Rylant Senior Marketer @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Mastering the art of magnetic storytelling for exponential growth

Successful brands are built on powerful narratives. World leaders are Masters of Communication, sharing knowledge and inspiration effortlessly. In our transformative workshop on The Art of Magnetic Storytelling, discover the keys to captivate your audience and inspire your team. Embrace the art of storytelling to transcend boundaries, break down barriers, and create a sense of … Continued

By Eveline Rylant Senior Marketer @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

A new paradigm for designing successful viral business strategies: innovating for exponential growth

Ready to unlock the secret to exponential growth and create a lasting impact on your industry? Step into Zoonotic’s world of successful ideas, a game-changer for visionary leaders like you. In our transformative session, we challenge you to use a Zoonotic’s intelligent diffusion strategy as inspiration for a highly successful, sustainable viral business strategy. We’ll … Continued

By Carole Lamarque Co-host @ The 5th Conference // CEO & Founding partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

From intention to impact: addressing unintended consequences for CEO resilience

Empower yourself with foresight and safeguard your visionary innovations from potential pitfalls. In our interactive workshop, we’ll challenge your ideas to uncover and address unintended consequences. Gain the tools to lead your teams with confidence and secure your path to sustainable growth. With a keen eye for the future, you’ll be ready to handle any … Continued

By Carole Lamarque Co-host @ The 5th Conference // CEO & Founding partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

The Power of mail, how print mail remains hyper-relevant in a digital world

New Appreciation for Flyers in Your Mailbox How to Include Print Mail in Your Media Campaign? Why Digital Isn’t Always Better? How to Create the Perfect Print Mail in Six Steps? In times of digitization, traditional postal mail seems to be becoming an anachronism. However, many brands aspire to literally enter people’s homes. Classic print … Continued

By Katrien Merckx Senior Business Expert @ bpost // Co-author of "De Power van Post"

Time for the creative generalist! Discover the entrepreneurial multitasker within yourself!

Do you ever feel like others view you as a scattered individual, incapable of focusing long enough on an idea or project to make it successful? Often, you’re asked to choose between your many interests, and that’s where you find yourself stuck. But what if we told you that you don’t have to choose? The … Continued

By Suyin Aerts Managing Partner @ X-Treme Creations // Journalist/Presenter @ Kanaal Z

Dreamers who do, Workbook from dream to action

From Dreams to Actions: A Coffee Table Book with a Message How do you gain a clear understanding of the dream within you? What obstacles still stand in the way of unfolding that dream, and how do you pave the path? How can you assist people around you with the same questions? For each of … Continued

By Hilde Helsen Founding Partner @ TRAJECTUM Humanly Resourceful

The Million-Dollar woman, a growth guide for female founders

Boosting Businesses for Female Entrepreneurs HOW DO YOU OVERCOME YOUR GROWTH BARRIERS? HOW DO YOU FREE YOURSELF FROM BEING A JACK OF ALL TRADES? HOW DO YOU GAIN MORE CONTROL OVER YOUR MARKETING, SALES, AND FINANCES? Female entrepreneurs are in the minority. They are less likely to start a business, operate without employees for longer … Continued

By Véronique Bockstal Founder & Author De vrouw van 1 miljoen, co-founder UCLL Female Founders Academy // Lecturer & researcher @ UCLL

The big book of retail design. Everything you need to know about designing a store.

In an era dominated by e-commerce, the very essence of physical stores has evolved significantly. Their relevance remains unquestionable, but the demand for a fresh approach to their design is higher than ever. Join us for an engaging keynote by Katelijn Quartier as she delves into the intriguing content of her book, “The Big Book … Continued

By Katelijn Quartier Professor Retail Design @ UHasselt // Author of "The Big Book of Retail Design"

Daring for Tomorrow: leading, working, learning and living in a digital world

Saskia Van Uffelen challenges the traditional corporate culture How long do you intend to stick to the status quo? How much longer can you manage your organization, your team, or your life without making fundamental changes? And most importantly, how long will you avoid being overtaken by others simply because you cling to your methods … Continued

By Saskia Van Uffelen Digital Manager @ Agoria // Author "Durven voor morgen: leiden, werken, leren en leven in een digitale wereld"

Does your brand care? Building a better world with the CARE principles

What can your company do for a better world? We are living in tumultuous times, and as we look to the future, it’s clear that businesses will need to take responsibility and strive to provide solutions to societal issues. The C A R E principles have been specifically designed to help companies stay relevant and … Continued

By Isabel Verstraete Brand Strategy Expert, Founder & Author @ The CARE Principles

Dare to be inclusive in entrepreneurship. The ROI of diversity in your organisation

How can you run a business with a focus on diversity and inclusion? Do you, as a manager, see someone’s background as a valuable asset? Is your company aligning with a changing society? In “Empowering Diversity: Transforming Your Business for Success,” Rachid Et-Taïbi passionately advocates for entrepreneurs to embrace diversity and inclusion (DNI) in the … Continued

By Rachid Et-Taïbi CEO @ NIYA // Author of "Durf inclusief te ondernemen. De ROI van diversiteit in jouw organisatie."

Stupid questions do exist. And active listening is super simple.

How do you persuade your boss, your client, your partner, or your child to see things your way? The answer isn’t through argumentation but by asking the right questions beforehand. Before people can understand something, they need to feel understood, and this can only be achieved with top-notch questions. “Domme vragen bestaan wel” (Dumb Questions … Continued

By Rik Moons Trainer & Coach @ MoonsManagement // Author "Domme vragen bestaan wel"

TOPgeMerkt. Creating a great customer experience in 7 steps

For smaller brands, grand theories about customer-centricity often sound hollow and unattainable. Yet, a robust brand experience is crucial even for companies without an internal marketing department. In fact, every brand, regardless of its size, can achieve a feasible TOP-level experience in an increasingly phygital world through small, deliberate steps. “TOPgeMERKt” provides you with a … Continued

By Katlijn Voordeckers Strategic Brand Expert @ Opmerkelijk // Author of "TOPgeMERKt" and "VerMERKvuldig!"

Your hassle-free career. Self-help book for professionals, career tigers and other open-plan residents

Problems & Opportunities Problems. We go to great lengths to keep them at bay. But once you open your mailbox, there’s always at least one waiting for you. And even when you’re certain that your plans are well thought out, a colleague might still present you with another. It seems there’s no escape: the professional … Continued

By Bart Groenewoud Co-Founder & Co-Author "Jouw Probleemloze Carrière"

How to keep top performers and attract new customers with gamification and non-financial rewards

What inspires teams to go the extra mile and display extraordinary behavior?  What can you do to better connect your employees with your company’s values and mission? Are there any new trends leading companies are implementing to recognize and reward their employees that go beyond financial rewards? How can you reward your customers so that … Continued

By Nathalie Arteel Entrepreneur - Leading Angel @ Arteel Group

session details to be confirmed soon

By Marc Vandewalle Algemeen Directeur @ UCLL

Untapped Potential: Gen Z in the workplace

The workplace is undergoing a profound shift, driven by the rise of Generation Z. Gen Z, born between the mid-1990s and early 2010s, is the first generation to be fully immersed in the digital age. With their unique characteristics, values and expectations, they are ready to shape the future of work. Their unique values, aspirations … Continued

By Loubna Tallal Founder & Storytelling Expert @ Malahima Agency

session details to be confirmed soon

By Goele Vermeeren CEO @ Master Meubel

Can education be a sexy market? Well AB-SO-LU-TE-LY!

Education not sexy? We’ll prove you wrong! In the early days of digital learning, VAN IN stepped in to fulfill needs that even educators themselves weren’t aware they had. They introduced Bingel, the (at that time first) online learning platform for primary education, which now holds an impressive market share of 86% in Flanders. This … Continued

By Vicky Adriaensen Managing Director @ VAN IN

From ambition to adoption: deliver true impact with your digital projects

There is great promise in digital transformation, but digital projects often run out of time, derail in cost or fail to deliver lasting value. Somewhere along the road between ambitious plans and realisation in the field, we get lost in translation and the real impact ultimately proves limited.   This talk challenges you to consider … Continued

By Carine Lucas Expert Digital Innovation @ Agoria

Digital Twins: What, Why and How

Digital Twins are identified as one of the key technologies with the Industry 4.0 revolution. Not surprisingly, Digital Twins are being embraced widely by innovation leaders. Yet, many other companies struggle with understanding the concept of the Digital Twin, with recognizing the value it can bring and with getting started with Digital Twins. This presentation … Continued

By Davy Maes Senior Project Leader @ Flanders Make

Wireless for Growth

Wireless technology is becoming ever so important for the digital transformation of your company. A plethora of wireless technologies are available on the market and they are constantly evolving. Adding wireless technology to your product, process or business gives access to a variety of new use cases and application domains. This presentation will give you … Continued

By Pieter Becue Wireless Business Developer @ imec IDLab

Digitation: how can you create dedication towards digital success?

Because … digitalisation is about much more than technology. The digital sense of urgency is growing faster and faster. How can you keep your organisation ahead of the curve to maintain and preferably increase its market position? And how do you keep your colleagues and customers motivated to go along with your digital story … … Continued

By Annelies Lenaerts Zaakvoerder @ Ondernemingskracht,
Kathleen Renders Zaakvoerder @ Ondernemingskracht

AI voor elke KMO

Benieuwd hoe AI de groei van jouw bedrijf kan stimuleren? Wil je ontdekken hoe je AI-kansen kunt spotten, deze in de praktijk brengt zonder valkuilen te omzeilen? Maak kennis met het AI-Stappenplan ontwikkeld door de experts Gilles en Jorik van imec, die hun inzichten uit diverse AI-projecten delen. Dit stappenplan is speciaal afgestemd op KMO’s … Continued

By Gilles Wuyts Business Analyst @ imec,
Jorik Van den Bosch Innovation Manager @ imec

Unlocking digital possibilities: Transforming physical garments into immersive digital experience

In collaboration with JIV, a leading fashion brand, we embarked on a groundbreaking pilot project. Our mission? To scan physical clothing items and seamlessly transition them into captivating 3D objects. Using the cutting-edge handheld scanner, we achieved remarkable results, enabling enhanced user experiences and interactive storytelling. Learn how this transformation empowers us to effortlessly incorporate … Continued

By Tom Verstappen Researcher @ Thomas More Research,
Stefano Becaletto XR Developer & Researcher @ Thomas More

Van growth agency naar AI pionier

De overgang ‘Van Growth Agency naar AI Pionier’ symboliseert een reis van innovatie en visie. Deelnemers zullen drie lessen leren. Eerst, het belang van alertheid op technologische trends en hun effect op bedrijfsmodellen. Ten tweede, de waarde van flexibiliteit in de digitale evolutie. En ten slotte, het potentieel van AI om niet enkel processen te … Continued

By Nick Haverals CEO @ Purple Panda // Co-Founder @ Blackbear AI Labs