Problems & Opportunities

Problems. We go to great lengths to keep them at bay. But once you open your mailbox, there’s always at least one waiting for you. And even when you’re certain that your plans are well thought out, a colleague might still present you with another. It seems there’s no escape: the professional life is peppered with problems.

We’re here to help you with that.

Fortunately, there are also opportunities. Opportunities have more in common with problems than you might think. In fact, they are deeply intertwined. The approach to solving problems is remarkably similar to the approach for seizing opportunities. The same goes for preventing problems and creating opportunities.

We’ll provide you with a definition that gives you the tools to understand why something is either a problem or an opportunity for you. Armed with that insight, you can eliminate quite a few right away. And for what remains, we’ll assist you in getting the most out of them.

We dare to assert that consciously dealing with problems, solving and preventing them, will bring you more than just a trouble-free existence. You will also create and seize new opportunities, making you more effective, efficient, and happier in the process.


Bart Groenewoud

Co-Founder & Co-Author "Jouw Probleemloze Carrière"