5th Conference speaker Valerie Storms on mobile health in Belgium

At the occasion of her presentation at the 5th Conference on Digital Health 2019, Valerie Storms sheds her light on mobile health in Belgium.… read more

Interview with speaker Wouter De Ploey (CEO of hospital network ZNA)

Check out our third speaker interview for the 5th Conference on Digital Health with keynote speaker Wouter De Ploey, CEO of ZiekenhuisNetwerk Antwerpen, and prepare your visit of the event with the challenges and views of the hospital CEO in mind.… read more

Telemedicine and the role of 1st and 2nd line care with speaker Leonard Witkamp

Keynote speaker Leonard Witkamp, who will talk about the collaboration between first- and second-line care around the patient, at our event on September 5th, makes the case for telemedicine.… read more

5th Conference speaker Frank Dendas on digital healthcare – time for action

What can you expect from the 5th Conference on Digital Health in Antwerp? With the Summer holidays almost over and the event approaching fast we interviewed some of our speakers.… read more

Download now your copy of the Future of Healthcare ebook

The perfect storm in healthcare has started. Learn about the 6 trends that will have a huge impact on the sector in this ebook.… read more

Virtual medical advice is soon possible in the UK, according to Mashable

According to Mashable, Amazon and the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK make it possible to answer medical questions via Alexa.… read more

Anne Bruinvels, Speaker at the 5th Conference and founder of PX Healthcare

Anne Bruinvels explains why integration of technology is so important for the patient… read more

Breaking news : Avatar live-conference by Rafael Grossmann, June 14th at 10 AM

At the 5th Conference on Digital Health on June 14th Rafael Grossmann, Google Glass Surgeon and Health Futurist will perform an Avatar Live Conference. Check it out here : aetho.co The new technology VR and AR allow specialists to join from all over the world and to make better diagnosis and provide better patient care. … read more

How Digital Health is changing marathons

The Boston Marathon has an elaborate medical operation made up of 26 medical stations set up along the course, and four medical facilities after… read more

Accenture Survey Reveals Consumers’ Growing Demand for Digital Health Services

Consumers are now becoming more accepting of machines — ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to virtual clinicians and home-based diagnostics … read more

Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University

For education, Microsoft HoloLens will help make incredible leaps forward in productivity, collaboration, and innovation. See how Microsoft HoloLens transforms… read more

City of Antwerp as hotspot for innovation in health

Worldwide we are facing similar problems: an increasing and aging population, with more chronic patients. … read more

A revolution in health is coming

NO WONDER they are called “patients”. When people enter the health-care systems … read more

Vlogpost by Lucien Engelen

Big shifts in healthcare and retail… read more

Apple CEO: We can make a ‘significant contribution’ in health care

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked up the company's ambitions in the health-care sector on Tuesday, hinting that it will move beyond wellness apps and devices, like its step-tracking Apple Watch.… read more

Apple Watch, Even The First One, May Be Able To Detect Signs Of Diabetes

How’s this for ingenuity? It’s not just the very latest and priciest wearable gadgets that can offer cutting-edge health tracking.… read more

This new company wants to sequence your genome and let you share it on a blockchain

People will be able to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for letting pharma companies use their data...… read more

Digitale zorg zal deels plaatsvinden thuis en in supermarkten

Digitale zorg gaat allerlei veranderingen brengen in de gezondheidszorg, aldus Engelen. Voor een deel vinden die nu al plaats. Mensen raadplegen elkaar… read more

What’s next for virtual reality surgery?

In his office on the first floor of The Royal London Hospital, Dr Shafi Ahmed keeps a classic Polaroid instant camera.… read more