What motivated you to use your network and expertise for The 5th Conference? How do you view this event as an opportunity to inspire and connect entrepreneurs and C-level executives?

Inge Van Belle: This marks my third time as the curator of the Fifth Conference. This year’s theme “Wired for growth,” truly encapsulates the essence of our conference. Our objective is to challenge, support, and inspire business leaders from various sectors as they embark on their growth journeys.

Speaking of growth, I think we can all agree that unlimited, excessive growth is a thing of the past. Today, growth must be both sustainable and mindful. This means that organisations can only flourish by delicately balancing people, strategy, and technology.

I am particularly passionate about leadership, organisational culture, and employee engagement. Through the careful selection of speakers who combine a strong foundation in these areas, coupled with a keen strategic vision and technological expertise, I believe this year’s program is really compelling. It offers an additional layer of insight that C-level executives, entrepreneurs, and senior management seek in today’s landscape.

The 5th Conference brings together leaders from various sectors. What unique opportunities do you see for participants to forge valuable connections and collaborate on business initiatives or projects?

Inge Van Belle: As I engage with leaders in the post-pandemic era, a recurring theme emerges – they consistently face similar challenges. These challenges encompass a broad spectrum, including talent acquisition and retention, the effects of a global recession and inflation, shifts in consumer behaviour, and the pressing issue of climate change. The Fifth Conference offers a platform for them to learn and connect. Not just by our speakers, but also through the power of our audience of like-minded people. Our aim is to make the conference interactive and engaging for everyone.

What are some specific examples of how your involvement with The 5th Conference can contribute to business growth and innovation for entrepreneurs and C-level executives?

Inge Van Belle: Our company, Herculean Alliance, is part of Duval Union. Our slogan is “Crafting powerful workforces since 1999”. For many years, we have been blessed with a strong fan community that believes in the strength of an alliance between employers and employees. We operate at the intersection of marketing and HR and have witnessed these two fields drawing closer together over time, uncovering valuable lessons from one another and generating fresh synergies.

My primary contribution has been the integration of the People factor into the Fifth Conference concept, giving rise to a dedicated People and Business track.

Furthermore, since 2022, we have merged the Employee Engagement Awards with the Fifth Conference, further strengthening the connection between strategy, employee experience and leadership.

How can entrepreneurs and C-level executives who are interested in participating in The 5th Conference get the most out of the event and expand their network? Any specific tips?

Inge Van Belle: Absolutely! I’m a big fan of the Fifth Conference App. It’s the most effective means to connect with fellow attendees, exchange insights, highlight your preferred topics, receive session start notifications, and acquaint yourself with the various speakers. A wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities are only a few clicks away.