The 5th conference on

The second edition of this international gathering for CMOs and marketing professionals that want to reboot their sales and marketing and decode the data landscape.

BluePoint Antwerpen, Filip Williotstraat, Antwerp, Belgium

Demystify the complex world of data and marketing technology


  • How do you build a data culture, strategy
    , and technology foundation?
  • How to be more intentional about the technology you choose to improve your marketing and sales engine across the customer lifecycle?
  • How do you build a customer data infrastructure?
  • How do you marry data from all various silos within which it sits, and transform it in such a way that it can be rendered useful?
  • What is this Customer Data Platform, and how does it differ from a DMP?
  • What new kind of metrics do you use that are focused on value creation?
  • How can AI help marketers to create frictionless and effortless non-intrusive predictive experiences?
  • How do we see GDPR as an opportunity to drive data management throughout an organization more diligently, at least compliantly if not ethically?

    Our sector needs a cultural paradigm shift in dealing with marketing technology and applying it to marketing and sales scenarios.

    The 5th Conference on MarTech will give an answer to all those questions and will ignite this shift.

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    Featured speakers

    Jonathan Berte

    Founder & CEO @ Robovision

    Brennan White

    Co-Founder & CEO @ Cortex

    Danny Devriendt

    Managing Director @ IPG/Dynamic

    David M. Raab

    Founder & President @ CDP Institute

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