In a world that is becoming a global village without trade and communication boundaries, it is more important than ever for your company to be ready to face the fierce competition. One way to achieve this is by capitalizing on your Unfair Advantage. It is a matter of standing out of the crowd, it is about outclassing the market leaders in your industry, about becoming that one player others envy for its extremely unique identity. It is about creating an environment in which the best competition is still no competition. 

Marketing Automation is not just about technology, it is part of the bigger picture which is your strategy. Marketing Automation actually is a way of implementing your strategy and not the other way around. Marketing Automation is challenging and should be put in place without customers noticing it. When they realize they are being mass targeted, they will feel treated impersonally and might consider your company as not putting customers at the core of its business. It is then fair to say Marketing Automation has failed.

Capitalizing on your Unfair Advantage implies thinking and acting like a cheetah. Speed, focus, territorial demarcation and agility are indeed what it takes to make competitors wonder about the secret of your attraction and to put your company in the spotlight.

Will you let me guide you through the methodology and data on how to become the best marketing driven company in the world?


Carole Lamarque

Co-host @ The 5th Conference // CEO & Founding partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing