The 5th conference on
Digital Health

Third and fully digital edition #T5THC on Digital Health with a focus on how we create a more sustainable healthcare model for the future, enabled by technology and digital. Free registration for healthcare professionals.

Fully digital afternoon edition

Track themes:

  • How digital health is transforming healthcare financing
  • The use of technology to advance real-world patient insights
  • Implementing digital health strategies in healthcare organizations – how to get organized


Track topics:

Patient centricity, Telemedicine, Patient management, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, digital healthcare transformation, big data, hospital of the future, mobility, government, financing models, talent management,…






Healthcare professionals

Featured speakers

Caroline Verlinde

Directeur @ VIVEL (Vlaams Instituut voor de Eerste Lijn)

Jonathan Berte

Founder & CEO @ Robovision

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COVID-19 and the Data Revolution in Healthcare

(Source: CDO Trends) - COVID-19 has not only disrupted lives, economies and industries; it has been the most significant disruption to the global healthcare industry, triggering an unprecedented transformation. The pandemic accelerated the already growing reliance on healthcare data-based technologies. As a result, healthcare providers are now asked to aggregate more data sources to create accurate diagnoses, treatment plans and strategies.… read more

Is the digital health industry prepared for an unprecedented flu season?

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Key emerging trends in Digital Health

(Source: PMLiVe) Digital health is an innovative, ever-changing area in healthcare. With the potential to ease the demand on overstretched healthcare systems across the world, while simultaneously offering patients the opportunity to control their own disease management, digital health offers an opportunity to improve healthcare for patients while helping doctors to be more efficient...… read more

Robots And Drones Are Now Used To Fight COVID-19

(Source: Forbes) From the initially reported outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in China to the spread of it across the globe, Medtech companies are rolling out robots and drones to help fight it and provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing. This pandemic has fast-tracked the "testing" of robots and drones in public as officials seek out the most expedient and safe way to grapple with the outbreak and limit contamination and spread of the virus...… read more

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