Medical imaging, such as MRI or CT scans, is of paramount importance for the diagnosis and follow-up of people with brain disorders. The available scanning technology today indeed offers a unique insight into the anatomy and working of the brain. However, the result of a brain scan, the radiological report, is still largely qualitative, descriptive, and based on visual eye-balling of the images. In a world that is moving towards a more data-driven and personalized medicine at a rapid pace, there is a clear need for more quantitative and objective information from brain scans. Luckily, artificial intelligence and deep learning technology offers tremendous potential to evaluate these thousands of pixels and to derive clinically relevant information from brain scans. icometrix, a spin-off from the Belgian universities and university hospitals from Antwerp and Leuven, is a world leader in this space. 


Wim Van Hecke

CEO @ Icometrix // Visiting Professor @ VUB