Jonathan Berte

Jonathan Berte is the founder and CEO of Robovision, a Belgian company that specializes in industrializing deep learning.

With an engineering degree in applied physics from the University of Ghent (2002) Jonathan leads a team that has designed an industrially proven pipeline for everything deep learning. Starting from the data stored on highly performant storage systems like Pure. The tool uses nifty techniques like predictive labeling and multi-user curation to guarantee high quality input for the configurable deep learning stack. This stack is made scalable and robust, with the help of Kubernetes and MySQL clusters, ending in a restful API system for rapid integration in the client’s ecosystem. With pioneering applications in agriculture, the Robovision team is also called the A-team of deep learning, giving multinationals a rapid time to market.

This expertise helped build his reputation as a world leader in AI based textile, diamond, FMCG and building industry sectors. Through Robovision, established in 2008, Jonathan seeks to harness (visual) data to bring the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to diverse industries. Robovision’s ever-growing portfolio of complex projects for multinational firms has led to the development of its flagship high-throughput AI engine, RVAI.

A strong believer in the power of technology to transform global democracy, Jonathan is an avid supporter of the open source movement. He was voted Disruptor of the Year 2018 and applies his AI expertise to enact change not only on a corporate level, but on a societal level as well. He is currently working on a pilot project that deploys refugees to commission deep learning-based robot installations.

When he’s not in the lab or leading his team of 20+ machine learning experts, you can find Jonathan spending time with his three children, producing music in his home studio or programming smartphone apps.

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