Exploring the vision behind The 5th Conference: A conversation with Inge Van Belle

Inge Van Belle, a passionate advocate for leadership, organizational culture, and employee engagement, shares her insights on the essence and impact of The 5th Conference. This marks her third term as the curator of this remarkable event, which brings together entrepreneurs and C-level executives from diverse sectors. With the theme "Wired for Growth," Inge's goal is clear: to challenge, support, and inspire business leaders on their growth journeys.… read more

Unveiling corporate governance insights: an interview with Herman Daems

We had the privilege of conducting a brief interview with Herman Daems, an emeritus professor at KU Leuven and the current Chairman of the Board at BNP Paribas Fortis, in anticipation of his keynote address at the upcoming edition of The 5th Conference.… read more

Meet Koen Blanquart

“I'm telling managers it isn’t complicated to make your company location agnostic. In fact, they need to do so, because people will work from anywhere in the world, and will be able to hire staff from anywhere.”… read more

Meet Sanjoy Bhose

"People think that successful sales are intuitive and based on self-confidence. That's all rubbish. There's a formula, and I know it!"… read more

Groei en innovatie stimuleren met Christine Festjens (Acerta)

Groei en innovatie bevorderen. Dat is het thema van een sessie op "The 5th conference on Wired for Growth" met deelnemers van bedrijven zoals Telenet, Luminus en Acerta. We hadden er een gesprek over met een van die deelnemers, Christine Festjens. Christine vervoegde in 2017 HR-dienstverlener Acerta als Managing Director van de afdeling 'Starters en Zelfstandigen'. Ze versterkte tevens het directiecomité van Acerta.… read more

Innoveren en millennials engageren in de bouwsector met Geert Aelbrecht (BESIX)

Geert Aelbrecht is Chief People Resources Officer en Head of QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) bij BESIX Group, een multidisciplinaire en wereldwijd actieve speler in de bouw, vastgoedontwikkeling en concessies. Geert werkt sinds 2007 bij het bedrijf, kent de sector door en door en zag de bouwsector en de wereld van de aannemers evolueren. Bovendien was - en is - BESIX Group een vernieuwer op verschillende gebieden. In dit interview kijken we met Geert naar, onder anderen, innovatie en veranderingen in het managen van de ‘workforce’. Het interview werd immers afgenomen naar aanleiding van een sessie op "The 5th conference on Wired for Growth", met als thema "Engaging with millennials as a driver of innovation and energy in your business".… read more

David van der Laan (Telenet) on data and analytics at Wired for Growth

At "The 5th conference on Wired for Growth" (October 14, 2021), several keynote speakers cover essential drivers of business growth in the morning (check the event schedule). There are different tracks in which we take a deeper dive into business strategy, sales & marketing, and people & culture in the afternoon. David van der Laan, currently leading Telenet's Data Strategy & Analytics team, will host a sales & marketing track session on "inform decision making with insights, data, and analytics."… read more

Barbara Van Den Haute: hoe Digitaal Vlaanderen de data sharing economie wil aanzwengelen

Barbara Van Den Haute is administrateur-generaal van Digitaal Vlaanderen, het digitale agentschap van de Vlaamse overheid dat 450 medewerkers telt en een rist verantwoordelijkheden en projecten heeft.… read more

Growth marketing in B2B: buzzword or big bet?

(Source: The Drum) - Top of B2B Marketing’s most recent trend tracker was a curious little phrase: growth marketing. Both agencies and clients put it as the top trend for 2021. But what does it actually mean? The consensus across the Googlesphere is that growth marketing is a development of growth hacking, focusing on rapid micro-experimentation rather than the traditional model of big campaigns. It is data-driven, looks at the whole customer lifecycle, and is strongly associated with startups.… read more

What is a Chief Revenue Officer? & How to Become One, According to Experts

(Source: HubSpot) - As a growth-focused company, you want to ensure that all elements of your business are ready and able to support your scaling, especially those that impact revenue generation. This is where Revenue Operations, also known as RevOps, enters the picture. This team responsible for aligning activities and supporting sales, marketing, and service departments — all of which contribute to revenue growth.… read more

COVID-19 and the Data Revolution in Healthcare

(Source: CDO Trends) - COVID-19 has not only disrupted lives, economies and industries; it has been the most significant disruption to the global healthcare industry, triggering an unprecedented transformation. The pandemic accelerated the already growing reliance on healthcare data-based technologies. As a result, healthcare providers are now asked to aggregate more data sources to create accurate diagnoses, treatment plans and strategies.… read more

Is the digital health industry prepared for an unprecedented flu season?

(Source: MedCity News) - It’s important to leverage patient engagement tools to get in front of patients early in the season, reminding them to get their flu shot and educating them on the potential symptoms of both the seasonal flu and Covid-19...… read more

Why marketing technology utilisation is taking on new urgency

(Source: CMO from IDG) Disparate data sources, fragmented technology and a lack of funding has left many brands struggling in the battle for online customer attention amid a global pandemic. Now more than ever, brands need to focus on unlocking the value of their marketing technology by focusing attention on the quality of their technology stack, their customer experience strategy and data. … read more

Zeven marketinglessen uit 2020

(Source: Emerce) Elke crisis biedt kansen. Wisten je dat WhatsApp, Uber en Slack allen in 2009 tijdens het hoogte-/dieptepunt van de vorige crisis zijn opgericht? Om het veranderde speelveld met je bedrijf optimaal te betreden onderstaand zeven tijdloze marketing wijsheden die specifiek in 2020 extra relevant zijn geworden. … read more

How to Leverage Marketing Automation to Generate More Leads

(Source: Business 2 Community) The incorporation of the internet in human lives has changed the way people live and work. The mode of advertisement for the businesses is no exception to this! As a result, people have devised marketing automation for alluring their target audience along with the inclusion of a few promising sub-processes that collectively contribute to instigating more leads. To exemplify, the top results from the Pepper 2014 Marketing Automation Report revealed that 53% of the responders were using the marketing automation back in the year 2014, which certainly was expected to rise at a higher proportion in the future. So, have the numbers risen?… read more

Genereer meer inkomsten met marketing automation lead scoring

(Source: Emerce) Zowel marketing- als salesteams zijn gericht op het vergroten van de inkomsten en een positieve ROI. Leads spelen daarbij een centrale rol.… read more

Artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing

(Source: ClickZ) Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. It is a relevant game-changer for every vertical, from legal to retail to travel to ecommerce and the list goes on. It only grows more in impacting almost every facet of our daily lives. So, what is AI? And as a marketer, what can it do for you?… read more

In een wereld zonder third-party data kun je niet meer zonder Customer Data Platform (CDP)

(Source: Emerce) Door verschillende wijzigingen in de privacywetgeving en updates van de grote browsers bevinden marketeers zich in één van de grootste verschuivingen binnen online marketing: third-party cookies, de brandstof achter vele online marketingcampagnes sinds 1994. En dit bestaat straks niet meer. Een verandering met veel impact, prangende vragen en nerveuze marketeers. Een verandering die echter niet uit kon blijven door het steeds luider wordende geschreeuw van de privacy bewuste consumenten. En een verandering die wellicht meer mogelijkheden biedt dan velen verwachten. Hoe dan ook, dit wordt de nieuwe realiteit, of je er klaar voor bent of niet. Eén groep is er zeker klaar voor en die staan dus ook te springen om deze veranderingen: de aanbieders van Customer Data Platforms (CDP). Waarom het CDP zo’n grote rol gaat spelen in de online marketing wereld zonder third-party data en wat je er als marketeer mee kunt doen, lees je in dit artikel. … read more

The epidemiologist behind Sweden’s controversial coronavirus strategy

(Source: Nature.com): Anders Tegnell talks to Nature about the nation’s ‘trust-based’ approach to tackling the pandemic...… read more

De gevaren van een Belgische heropstart zonder 5G

De opinie van Ivan Vandermeersch over een mogelijke heropstart zonder 5G.… read more

Key emerging trends in Digital Health

(Source: PMLiVe) Digital health is an innovative, ever-changing area in healthcare. With the potential to ease the demand on overstretched healthcare systems across the world, while simultaneously offering patients the opportunity to control their own disease management, digital health offers an opportunity to improve healthcare for patients while helping doctors to be more efficient...… read more

Robots And Drones Are Now Used To Fight COVID-19

(Source: Forbes) From the initially reported outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) in China to the spread of it across the globe, Medtech companies are rolling out robots and drones to help fight it and provide services and care to those quarantined or practicing social distancing. This pandemic has fast-tracked the "testing" of robots and drones in public as officials seek out the most expedient and safe way to grapple with the outbreak and limit contamination and spread of the virus...… read more

How IoT Can Help Smart Cities In Traffic Management

Modern technology and urbanization have resulted in a lot of significant developments out there. The smart cities are the new name for the cities equipped with the latest technology. A smart city is a place where the people live a well-organized and sorted out life with the assistance of information and communication technology. Here’s how IoT will play an important role in traffic management for smart cities.… read more

How to flatten the curve of coronavirus, a mathematician explains

People travelling into Australia will now have to self-isolate for 14 days – one of a range of measures announced at the weekend by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, with the aim of slowing the spread of the coronavirus and easing the stress on hospital beds...… read more

How cities can engage with Mobility as a Service

It’s often dubbed ‘the Netflix of transport’ by its advocates, for bringing together multiple transport and mobility choices into a single, digital platform which users can either purchase via subscription packages or on a pay-as-you-go basis.… read more

The emerging Mobility as a Service future

Freight brokering enables shippers and carriers to connect on-demand to ship specific loads. Freight brokers add value by acting as a demand/ supply aggregator, creating transparency in load management, and reducing friction for shippers and carriers. Existing players in this area, for example, include Transfix, Convoy, and Uber freight, which provides apps that serve as an aggregated ‘marketplace’.… read more

A guide to getting the most out of a Customer Data Platform

(Source: ITProPortal) To build a successful business in today’s world, a strong customer understanding is essential, as is the ability to provide thoughtful customer experiences. But that’s not exactly easy.… read more

Building a business case for a customer data platform

Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber, for example, have always put the single view of the customer at the center of everything they do – and it’s paid off.… read more

What happened the last decade was peanuts to what will happen the next 6 months

Stanford University's 2019 AI Index report indicates that the speed in the evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence) by far outpaces Moore's Law. We're pretty familiar that processor capacity doubles every 18 to 24 months - meaning application performance progressively improves with every cycle. While this has shown exponential results in the last few decades, this is peanuts compared to what will be happing the next few...well...months. … read more

It’s a taxi! One that flies…

Hyundai and Uber unveiled that will transform many forms of mobility in the near future. They did it at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last Monday.… read more

Rule #6: Acknowledge that your customers don’t care about departments and their correlative dysfunctionalities.

Obsessed Rule #6: Acknowledge that your customers don't care about departments and their correlative dysfunctionalities. Strive to create seamless experiences that do not stop at the sale. So, the first part: customers don't care about your departments and their correlative dysfunctionalities: in other words: stop thinking in silos of Marketing, Sales, Service. … read more

Free white paper on Customer Managed Journeys, offered by our partner Thunderhead

BEYOND THE MAP TO ACTIONABLE JOURNEY INSIGHT How do you manage the customer journey? It’s an important question because many businesses place the customer journey, and their view of it, as the central piece of their efforts to improve customer experience. In the age of the empowered consumer, Thunderhead believes that the answer is quite simple: you don’t manage the journey, your customers do. Read this white paper and find out more about the customer-managed journey. Click to open and download.… read more

What does it take to become truly data driven?

If you intend to become more data drive, you might consider registering for the workshop with the founder of the CDP institute himself - David Raab - on November 20 2019 at Interescaut Antwerp. … read more

Why a Sports Marketing track at The 5th Conference on MarTech?

Why a Sports Marketing track at The 5th Conference on MarTech? A blogpost from Robbie Cop.… read more

Rule #5: When deploying MarTech, as a fundamental principle, focus on your customer’s problem.

Obsessed Rule #5: When deploying MarTech, as a fundamental principle, focus on your customer’s problem. Do not make your broken MarTech stack your customer’s problem. … read more

Rule #4: Recognize that your customers do not always fit in your customer journeys.

Rule # 4: Recognize that your customers do not always fit in your magically and beautifully crafted (but sometimes theoretical) customer journeys.… read more

RULE#3: Think beyond department silo’s

RULE#3: Think beyond department silo's, and it's dysfunctionalities and strive for a Martech stack that puts the customer effort in the middle of every initiative you take. … read more

RULE #2: MarTech is inextricably about helping your customers helping you

RULE #2: MarTech is inextricably about helping your customers helping you - by helping themselves in the easiest way possible.… read more

Squeezely lanceert gratis versie Customer Data Platform

(Source: Emerce) Rijswijk, 5 september 2019 – Squeezely lanceert vandaag een gratis versie van het Squeezely Customer Data Platform (CDP). Met deze versie kunnen bedrijven de voordelen van gepersonaliseerde marketing op schaal ervaren, zonder dat hiervoor grote investeringen vooraf nodig zijn. Squeezely is werelwijd de eerste ontwikkelaar die een customer data platform in een gratis variant beschikbaar maakt.… read more

Rule #1: Aspire to build a relationship

Rule #1:  Aspire to build a relationship with a person that has feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams, not only market to a persona or a segment… read more

De Wereld is Rond


About being Obsessed with the 10 rules

During the 5th Conference of Martech, Obsessed - the book written by Marc Bresseel and Renout van Hove - will see the light of day. For the next 10 weeks prior to the 5th conference of Martech, we will be unleashing one rule per week upon you. 10 rules to help you reflect and provide introspection so that you are fully prepared in getting the maximum out of your attendance at the 5th Conference. … read more

Pitch Sessions on Sept 4

(APPLICATION CLOSED) Start-ups that are actively seeking money or looking for feedback from investors will pitch their business on September 4 in Antwerp during The 5th Conference Pitch Sessions. … read more

Download now your copy of the Future of Healthcare ebook

The perfect storm in healthcare has started. Learn about the 6 trends that will have a huge impact on the sector in this ebook.… read more

Virtual medical advice is soon possible in the UK, according to Mashable

According to Mashable, Amazon and the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK make it possible to answer medical questions via Alexa.… read more

Anne Bruinvels, Speaker at the 5th Conference and founder of PX Healthcare

Anne Bruinvels explains why integration of technology is so important for the patient… read more

Breaking news : Avatar live-conference by Rafael Grossmann, June 14th at 10 AM

At the 5th Conference on Digital Health on June 14th Rafael Grossmann, Google Glass Surgeon and Health Futurist will perform an Avatar Live Conference. Check it out here : aetho.co The new technology VR and AR allow specialists to join from all over the world and to make better diagnosis and provide better patient care. … read more

How Digital Health is changing marathons

The Boston Marathon has an elaborate medical operation made up of 26 medical stations set up along the course, and four medical facilities after… read more

Accenture Survey Reveals Consumers’ Growing Demand for Digital Health Services

Consumers are now becoming more accepting of machines — ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) to virtual clinicians and home-based diagnostics … read more

Microsoft HoloLens: Partner Spotlight with Case Western Reserve University

For education, Microsoft HoloLens will help make incredible leaps forward in productivity, collaboration, and innovation. See how Microsoft HoloLens transforms… read more

City of Antwerp as hotspot for innovation in health

Worldwide we are facing similar problems: an increasing and aging population, with more chronic patients. … read more

A revolution in health is coming

NO WONDER they are called “patients”. When people enter the health-care systems … read more

Vlogpost by Lucien Engelen

Big shifts in healthcare and retail… read more

Apple CEO: We can make a ‘significant contribution’ in health care

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked up the company's ambitions in the health-care sector on Tuesday, hinting that it will move beyond wellness apps and devices, like its step-tracking Apple Watch.… read more

Apple Watch, Even The First One, May Be Able To Detect Signs Of Diabetes

How’s this for ingenuity? It’s not just the very latest and priciest wearable gadgets that can offer cutting-edge health tracking.… read more

This new company wants to sequence your genome and let you share it on a blockchain

People will be able to earn cryptocurrency in exchange for letting pharma companies use their data...… read more

Digitale zorg zal deels plaatsvinden thuis en in supermarkten

Digitale zorg gaat allerlei veranderingen brengen in de gezondheidszorg, aldus Engelen. Voor een deel vinden die nu al plaats. Mensen raadplegen elkaar… read more

What’s next for virtual reality surgery?

In his office on the first floor of The Royal London Hospital, Dr Shafi Ahmed keeps a classic Polaroid instant camera.… read more