During the 5th Conference of Martech, Obsessed – the book written by Marc Bresseel and Renout van Hove – will see the light of day.


Marc Bresseel and Renout van Hove – authors of the book Obsessed.


The purpose of Obsessed is not to talk about being obsessed in the context of the typical compulsive impertinent behavior, or about the recurring or uncontrollable thoughts that usually get associated with it. Obsessed is about the necessity of having an excessive or unusual focus on something in order to achieve extraordinary results as a Sales or Marketing professional. 


In this case, it’s about being obsessed with customer experience, with activating customer data as a fundamental first principle in order to generate relevant customer experiences. 


The book and the 5th conference of Martech have a common goal:  to demystify the complex world of data – and the role technologies such as DMP’s, CDP’s and Marketing Automation play in it. Obsessed is about maximizing the performance of your revenue engine, and how to infuse Artificial Intelligence into your organization, your technology stack, your culture, and your processes in a pragmatic way. 


As we seek to connect you with world authorities and subject matter experts in their domains, the above topics are also the topics you can expect during the 5th conference of Martech.


What does this have to do with the 10 rules of Obsessed?  


In Obsessed, a new, fresh and innovative marketing maturity model – which is applicable to the complex world of data, cultural and organizational readiness, technological maturity and new fundamentals in metrics that focus on value creation – will be introduced. 


Having a maturity model clarifying the way forward on how to come to a state of predictive levels of frictionless customer value-creating experiences is one thing. Without a structure, or a set of guidelines or rules to follow as ‘principle abiding marketers’ it’s pretty futile. 


Moreover, while GDPR has been a blessing for some, it remains a regulatory vehicle. 


We need 10 common-sense rules in plain English that – when followed – drive us to common sense.


In the next 10 weeks, we will be unleashing one rule per week upon the world. With these 10 rules, we humbly strive to trigger a modest movement that uses these rules as a beacon of common sense.


For the next 10 weeks prior to the 5th conference of Martech, we will be unleashing one rule per week upon you. 10 rules to help you reflect and provide introspection so that you are fully prepared in getting the maximum out of your attendance at the 5th Conference. 


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