Saskia Van Uffelen challenges the traditional corporate culture How long do you intend to stick to the status quo? How much longer can you manage your organization, your team, or your life without making fundamental changes? And most importantly, how long will you avoid being overtaken by others simply because you cling to your methods and your comfort zone?

Our society is undergoing a transformation, demanding a new model. We live in a digital era where everything and everyone is interconnected, where competition transcends industry boundaries, and where customers, users, and citizens are in the driver’s seat. Data is gold, and sharing is the new norm. The digital age calls for a fresh approach and a new paradigm.

Dare to contribute to a different corporate world that balances short-term and long-term results. Likewise, dare to shape a different society through personal choices that are ready for the next generation.


Saskia Van Uffelen

Digital Manager @ Agoria // Author "Durven voor morgen: leiden, werken, leren en leven in een digitale wereld"