From Dreams to Actions: A Coffee Table Book with a Message

How do you gain a clear understanding of the dream within you?

What obstacles still stand in the way of unfolding that dream, and how do you pave the path?

How can you assist people around you with the same questions?

For each of us, there exists a path that leads straight to our dream. Finding it is the art. With an unwavering belief in everyone’s potential for unlocking their dreams, Hilde Helsen translates her own rich experience into a practical four-step model.

In doing so, she draws on the authentic power in the music of Lenny Kravitz and weaves in the insights of contemporary thinkers such as Simon Sinek, Maya Angelou, George Kohlrieser, and William Ury. Artist Koen Vanmechelen marks his own steps throughout the journey.


Hilde Helsen

Founding Partner @ TRAJECTUM Humanly Resourceful