Education not sexy? We’ll prove you wrong!

In the early days of digital learning, VAN IN stepped in to fulfill needs that even educators themselves weren’t aware they had.

They introduced Bingel, the (at that time first) online learning platform for primary education, which now holds an impressive market share of 86% in Flanders.

This success story goes beyond borders, with expansions into Wallonia, Finland, Poland, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Follow an insightful session as VAN IN takes you behind the scenes of their remarkable journey.

Discover how they orchestrated a campaign that not only captured attention but also reshaped their entire business strategy.

This is a story of transformation for an organization with over 180 years of educational experience, getting a true “start-up” revitalization.

With a true commitment to innovation, VAN IN continues to shape the education of the future.

We’re thrilled to have Vicky Adriaensen, Managing Director, as our guide through this expedition. She’ll share the insights gained and the lessons learned along the way.

Join this session to uncover the secrets behind VAN IN’s triumph and follow the path towards a brighter educational future.


Vicky Adriaensen

Managing Director @ VAN IN