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The 5th Conference on Web3, Blockchain & Crypto – the digital edition @ your home or office

Welcome to the virtual part of #T5THC on Web3, Blockchain & Crypto

Setting the scene

By Gerrie Smits Curator of The 5th Conference on Web3, Blockchain & Crypto

A deepdive in NFT’s & NFT tracking

A deepdive in NFTs: what is the future of NFTs in the business world, how do we see the market evolve, How do we spot successful NFT projects and what are the red flags for NFT scam and and a scoop on how to keep track of all your NFTs with Delta.

By Nicolas Van Hoorde CEO @ Delta Investment Tracker

Why invest in NFT’s, the core of internet revolution?

By Bert Marievoet Co-Founder @ Moonbag Capital

How will we define data ownership in web 3.0?

By Jente De Ridder Co-Founder @ Stitchd

Programmable money: the perfect HR coin

Introduction to FleQues. The first global programmable HR coin in blockchain. Fleques is a digital programmable currency with which employers can pay all extra legal remuneration of their employees (expenses, cafeteria plans, mobility budgets, bonuses, cheques) in a very transparent, legal, simple, fiscally correct and budget-friendly way. Fleques is not a cryptocurrency, but a stablecoin … Continued

By Olivier Glorieux Founder @ FleQues

Your lunch break

@ Noon Q&A: MUTANI, a digital fashion unitive

By Ann Claes Co-Founder @ MUTANI,
Gerrie Smits Curator of The 5th Conference on Web3, Blockchain & Crypto

Reflexivity & mimetic desire: the human aspect of Web3 protocols

By Michiel Lescrauwaet Managing Director @ Tioga Capital Partners

Are those gains really yours, upon tax audit?

By Gertjan Verachtert Partner @ Sansen International Tax Lawyers

Session to be confirmed

By Mark Phillips VP Business Development @ Helium Systems

Programmable money – KBC Coin

By Dirk Hermans Innovation Manager & Blockchain Lead @ KBC

How to take your brand into the Metaverse

By Wim Segers Founder & Creative Director @ Engaged

The value of Virtual Real Estate

By Arnaud Kamphuis Content Producer & Community Manager @ The Sandbox

Why NFT/Metaverse matters for digital natives

By Rex Woodbury Principal @ Index Ventures

Closing and digital networking