Gerrie Smits

Gerrie Smits is a facilitator, author & keynote speaker on all things innovation and web3 in particular. He’s fascinated by how new technologies shape people, products and organisations. Gerrie has got 25+ years of experience in a variety of industries that got disrupted by the internet, so that makes him a hands-on expert. His clients range from the European Parliament to blockchain start-ups. #ProudGeneralist

For the past 6 years, blockchain has kept him awake at night, so he wrote a book about it: ‘Blockchain is WTF” (in Dutch). His ambition is to make the concepts behind web3 more accessible for non-techies. He’s particularly fascinated by the concept of aligned incentives and how blockchain and token economies can shape new ways of working and doing business.

Before he went freelance, he founded 2 agencies in London, made television, wrote about music, developed a post-graduate course and even spent a few years as a civil servant.

Twitter: @gerriesmits

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