Hannes De Wachter

Hannes De Wachter (40) founded Mindspeller a few years ago together with professor Marc van Hulle, head of the neuroscience department at KU Leuven. “Neuromarketing is often relegated to pseudoscience. That’s because most companies involved in neuromarketing work on the basis of focus groups of 20 to 30 people, ”explains Hannes.

“Using different equipment, they measure things like sweat response, heart rate, eye tracking and even brain activity with EEG or fMRI scans. The problem is that these techniques are not scalable due to the small number of respondents. Often conclusions are drawn too quickly, which are not all equally scientifically substantiated. Moreover, it is difficult for the customer to do anything with these results in practice. With Mindspeller we wanted to offer a scalable and scientifically substantiated alternative. ”

Sessions with Hannes De Wachter: