Aki Balogh

As a marketer, you understand that the amount of traffic your website receives is tied to the quality of your content.

What if you could create a content plan that fills existing gaps, not only making the Internet a better place, but increasing your bottom line substantially?

With MarketMuse’s data-science driven platform that predicts performance, your team will be able to create better content faster. Unlike SEO keyword research tools, our patented AI solution analyzes and evaluates every stage of the content lifecycle – from research to execution.

The days of wrestling with the unknown will be gone forever: of what to include or exclude; how long your content should be; and, what topics and sources to include.

As Co-founder & CEO of MarketMuse, I enjoy helping CMOs and other marketing leaders, as well as content managers and SEO specialists discover how our platform can best be utilized by their organization.

By using data science to help you create your content in a matter of minutes, everything you publish will be equal to or better than all your competitors – all the time.