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#T5THC, Setting the MarTech scene

Welcome by your #T5THC host of the day

By Suyin Aerts #T5THC Host & Moderator

Obsessed, decode the data landscape

Why the 5th Conference on Martech, and wat does it have to do with a powerplant?What were the Martech waves of the last 3 decades that brought us here,  what’s the next wave and how to buckle up  for that ride?Is Paid Media dead? Is the CMO dead? And what about sales?  And finally, will AI … Continued

By Renout van Hove Founder @ GrowthAgent // Co-Author of "Obsessed"

Customer Data Platforms in Europe: Past, Present, Future

An overview of CDP origins, present state, and expected development with a focus on Europe vs. U.S.  You will discover the origins of the CDP concept, CDP functions, types of CDPs, how CDP differs from other customer management technologies, key CDP use cases, state of CDP in Europe, industry trends, and prospects.

By David M. Raab Founder & President @ CDP Institute

CDP in action. Managing the strategy in your company.

Talking about implementing and using a CDP is step one. Step two is doing it and having your whole organization on the same level, each with their specialties, goals and expectations. This is how you do it!

By Stefan Seghers Chief Digital Officer @ Roularta Media Group

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How to consistently generate high-quality leads from LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a goldmine when used properly, yet very few understand how to turn it into a powerful lead generation machine. Discover how to consistently and predictably generate new B2B leads using LinkedIn. What You Will Learn: The answer to why the three most common types of LinkedIn users don’t get any business from LinkedIn … Continued

By Melonie Dodaro CEO @ Top Dog Social Media / Author of "LinkedIn Unlocked"

The journey of Deutsche Telekom’s hybrid media model

 2 years in the making and covering 12 countries, Head of International Media Management, Gerhard Louw, shares the successes and challenges of leading a global company through transformation into an extraordinary hybrid media model. Gerhard will explain how to take control and transform the relationship between internal teams and external partners, and what the future … Continued

By Gerhard Louw Head of International Media Management @ Deutsche Telekom

Cultivating love for your brand with customer-driven creative

As the world becomes increasingly content saturated, brands who want to thrive must create content their consumers love. In this session learn about how aligning your content with your audience is simple and affordable with modern tech. See examples of trends that you can can immediately implement to improve your own content.

By Brennan White Co-Founder & CEO @ Cortex


Afternoon expert sessions, debates and workshops

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expert presentations and talks on personalization, Artificial Intelligence and Data

From our personalization formula to a practical canvas: Start boosting your LTV (long-time value) through continuous activation.

After helping lots of clients with our approach to personalization, we wanted to give more tangible support for marketers to start delivering highly personal scenarios that really delight their clients and boost the revenue. During the session, we will fill it together by using real client cases so you can apply it for yourself directly.

By Jonathan Wuurman VP Marketing @ ACTITO

Reinventing Marketing: When AI tells you how to reach 10% more sales

If we would leave things to Elon Musk, everything would already be fully automated, fully robotized, powered by artificial intelligence and preferably be running from the planet Mars. It’s necessary for companies to stay on top of their game and to be vigilant regarding the new(est)evolutions and revolutions. Sales & Marketing are no different. In … Continued

By Sven Arnauts Solution Lead - Strategy & Accelerate @ delaware BeLux

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The somehow awkward marriage between digital marketing and data protection

Recent data protection laws like the GDPR and the soon to come ePrivacy regulation have a considerable impact on digital marketing and data processing in general. A lot of myths and misunderstandings surround data protection laws and all to often marketeers think or fear that GDPR and the like will cut their wings. There are in … Continued

By Bart Van den Brande Managing Partner @ Sirius.Legal

Put data in your tank and accelerate your growth

Virtually everyone agrees data is the new oil. But getting started and creating value with data, requires the right strategic direction, people and technical & commercial skills.  Many companies are trying to find their way in this complex landscape and some are more successful than others. During this presentation, we share insights and experiences  about … Continued

By Alain Glickman Porush Managing Partner @ Glickman

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Expert presentations and talks on e-privacy, digital transformation, models and contact data

A Marketers Guide to the New ePrivacy Regulation: How to Tackle Consent, Cookies and Other Privacy Challenges

The ePrivacy Regulation will have a profound effect on marketing activities moving forward. Faced with the legal and financial ramifications of ignoring a consumer’s right to privacy, marketers must rethink their data collection, use, and retention methods. In this session, we’ll share the latest updates and what to expect from the impending ePrivacy Regulation, the … Continued

By David Sinclair Marketing & Privacy Manager @ OneTrust

Digital Transformation: embrace the inevitable

Digital transformation is happening in every sector. Besides the sector, the difference is that there is no single recipe to guide you through this. Arno will be your guide on this journey of advantages and assets of digital transformation. He will provide your with some recent use cases.

By Arno Visser Marketing Officer Belgium & The Netherlands @ Efficy

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We need to change the way we look at contact data

Customers have lost confidence in sharing their data and they don’t wholly trust companies who ask for it. This isn’t a problem that can be fixed overnight. At the same time, consumers have higher expectations. Marketers of the future need to create individual experiences at scale. And shift to what will come, instead of what … Continued

By Michelle Dassen Business Unit Manager @ Flexmail

How to manage your most important success factors in change management?

While implementing different new tools & tactics to boost your digital transformation process, often the most important aspect of success is disregarded. Your organization is confronted with a ‘fait accompli’ and has no idea how to embrace this change.  I’ll provide you the top 5 key takeaways to succeed when it comes to change management.

By Elly Cools Head of Marketing Automation @ The House of Marketing

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2020 marketing topics debates, moderated by Suyin Aerts

How does Artificial Intelligence affect the marketing strategy 2020

By Mieke De Ketelaere Program Director AI @ imec,
Sven Arnauts Solution Lead - Strategy & Accelerate @ delaware BeLux,
Marcel van der Marck Solution Advisor Customer Experience @ Thunderhead

Data privacy versus cognitive marketing; how far can you go?

By Bart Van den Brande Managing Partner @ Sirius.Legal,
Renout van Hove Founder @ GrowthAgent // Co-Author of "Obsessed",
Olaf Hermans, PhD Co-Founder and Director of Customer Science @ SiR Meta Intelligence US

CMO spendings for 2020; Media and/or MarTech?

By Danny Devriendt Managing Director @ IPG/Dynamic,
Gerhard Louw Head of International Media Management @ Deutsche Telekom,
Elly Cools Head of Marketing Automation @ The House of Marketing

Integrating sports marketing technology in fan engagement and sponsoring

Introducing the Sports Marketing Maturity Audit

Sportsmarketing isn’t just putting your logo on a shirt or a car. It’s finding your twin in branding and strategically plan your participation and link with sports and the periphery of it. Cases and challenges will be brought to you.

By Robbie Cop Managing Partner @ Flying Colours Belgium

Sponsorship 3.0 – A look at the future of sponsorship in a data driven world

Understanding and building Addressable audiences. Leveraging the multiple fan touchpoints and client examples including Manchester United, Team Sky, Premiership Rugby. Building digital rights into your sponsorship portfolio and a framework for rightsholders for the futureValuation Model for Digital rights. M&A view on Digital Sports Consultancies and Technologies

By Abeed Janmohamed Director @ SI Partners

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Ajax esports case

Sports has always been leading at Ajax. That is one of the reasons why esports has been developed to reach specific target groups and to offer interesting proposals for our commercial partners. With these new possibilities, Ajax reaches new generations and is able to combine different formats and platforms. Discover how they did it.

By Marco Albregts Director & Founder @ Tribal Skills

MarTech models in (e)sports

Daniel’s MarTech approach to sports and esports has created a new model for both sports and technology. Dive deep into new strategies with this keynote on market validation, product adaptation, and service delivery in an era of expected change.

By Daniel James Escott Co-Founder & Bid-Leadership @ WNBA Toronto

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expertise on sales management and thought leadership

Selling 4.0: If marketing is dealing in attention, then sales is dealing in trust!

“NO” is part of the deal. How can you swim that Lake of rejection? How can you turn NO into a Yes? Find a way to scale your thought leadership and scale yourself. Welcome to this very dynamic workshop packed with strategy and tactics to WIN in sales and marketing

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Building thought leadership for yourself and your brand

An interactive session with the opportunity for personalised guidance on how to develop a powerful personal brand and build thought leadership.

By Melonie Dodaro CEO @ Top Dog Social Media / Author of "LinkedIn Unlocked"

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focus on content marketing and customer engagement platforms

Content is king, let data be the queen

If all is well, your product comes second. Because your business provides information first. In this workshop you will learn how to build a content strategy, connect and interact with customers, grow your business and use the finesse of each touchpoint in the buyer’s journey.

By Xaviera Ringeling Owner @ ContentChefs Netherlands

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Customer Engagement Platforms

How can you drive engagement? How can you generate more deals and improve all marketing efforts into measurable strategies. Welcome to the workshop on Customer Engagement Platforms.

By Carole Lamarque Founding Partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

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focus on Customer Data Platforms and Data Analysis

CDP demystification to empower

The details on Customer Data Platforms; the benefits and best practices. How to take back control over your company database and how to increase usage and actions throughout the company. Welcome to the CDP demystification workshop.

By Jef Teugels CEO @ MarketCulture Strategies Europe // CCXP expert

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How performance marketing leads to profitable business

Keep on generating leads and nurturing clients by mastering the skills of website conversions, analytics and branding. Welcome to the workshop on how to create a profitable business.

By Dennis Kenis Managing Partner @ Grava,
Isabel De Smet Analytics Lead & Sr SEA Consultant @ Grava

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