These were the experts of edition 2019

Olaf Hermans, PhD

Co-Founder and Director of Customer Science @ SiR Meta Intelligence US

Elly Cools

Head of Marketing Automation @ The House of Marketing

Marcel van der Marck

Solution Advisor Customer Experience @ Thunderhead

Daniel James Escott

Co-Founder & Bid-Leadership @ WNBA Toronto

Isabel De Smet

Analytics Lead & Sr SEA Consultant @ Grava

David Sinclair

Marketing & Privacy Manager @ OneTrust

Jonathan Wuurman

VP Marketing @ ACTITO

Stefan Seghers

Chief Digital Officer @ Roularta Media Group

Marco Albregts

Director & Founder @ Tribal Skills

Abeed Janmohamed

Director @ SI Partners

Sven Arnauts

Solution Lead - Strategy & Accelerate @ delaware BeLux

Bart Van den Brande

Managing Partner @ Sirius.Legal

Alain Glickman Porush

Managing Partner @ Glickman

Gerhard Louw

Head of International Media Management @ Deutsche Telekom

Mieke De Ketelaere

Program Director AI @ imec

Arno Visser

Marketing Officer Belgium & The Netherlands @ Efficy

Robbie Cop

Managing Partner @ Flying Colours Belgium

Michelle Dassen

Business Unit Manager @ Flexmail

Carole Lamarque

Founding Partner @ Duval Union Innovative Marketing

Dennis Kenis

Managing Partner @ Grava

Suyin Aerts

#T5THC Host & Moderator

Jef Teugels

CEO @ MarketCulture Strategies Europe // CCXP expert

Brennan White

Co-Founder & CEO @ Cortex

Melonie Dodaro

CEO @ Top Dog Social Media / Author of "LinkedIn Unlocked"

Marc Bresseel

Managing Partner @ Duval Union // Co-author of "Obsessed, decode the data landscape"

Michael Humblet

Performance marketing & sales expert, owner @ Chaomatic

Xaviera Ringeling

Owner @ ContentChefs Netherlands

Danny Devriendt

Managing Director @ IPG/Dynamic

Renout van Hove

Founder @ GrowthAgent // Co-Author of "Obsessed"

David M. Raab

Founder & President @ CDP Institute