Getting your head continuously around the speed of change and the endless possibilities the technology paradigm waves create is close to impossible. Technology is not the play. Technology is like the ball you need to play the game. Technology touches all aspects of marketing nowadays. However, in the midst of all this, it’s essential to foster a culture of transparency and communication and collaboration around your customer’s needs. It’s a necessity to enable processes that drive consistency and facilitate structural change. It’s that type of culture that you need to understand your customers and communicate with relevancy around their various channels and devices without being intrusive. You need technology to measure all aspects touching all of the above – but you need a culture that drives the right behavior.

A model for marketing maturity

As you explore your path towards becoming a data-obsessed organization, a full understanding of your current maturity level is pivotal to contextualize the technology adoption required to get there – so that you can integrate management and learning processes into creating crisp differentiating customer-experiences at scale.


Renout van Hove

Founder @ GrowthAgent // Co-Author of "Obsessed"