Digital health is the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make care and medicines more personalized and precise. Companies have to switch from selling products to selling outcomes and care providers have to switch from delivering interventions to delivering outcomes. Improving outcomes through personalided medicine. Best outcomes can be achieved based on a patient-centric digital health component. Today various digital health point solutions, for one specific application are applied, making it difficult for broad use by healthcare providers (GPs, hospitals, homecare providers), patients, and industry (pharmaceutical and medical device companies). To address this, a broad universal digital health platform initiative is required, connecting multiple stakeholders and data to apply precision medicine to treat the needs of each individual patient. Such a platform should be based on data collection and monitoring with the patient at the center and support and coach patients along the patient journey, to manage health and disease and optimise outcomes. The key contribution of the platform is to optimise quality of care and costs in personalised care pathways, based on multiple data types. support a single point of integration with multi-tenants use. Specific attention goes to the need for increased patient experience & satisfaction, patient-centered privacy and data ownership, including dynamic consent management, but also patient engagement for continued use as a health coach and companion. This universal digital health platform can be used in clinical tials, for registries “beyond the pill” solutions in commercial, including disease management and even health management (and early disease interception). New partnerships will be central in driving forward a personalised medicine approach – bringing together clinical practice, academic rigour, industry skills and the active involvement of patients and patient groups. These new relationships will also create opportunities to strengthen the Belgian’s research base, helping to bolster the Belgian economy through growth in the life science sector. This Universal Digital Health platform initiative is based on a co-created model with pharmacos, care providers (hospitals, home care providers, care teams), patients, … and will support care collaboration and coordination. By joining forces a “neutral platform will make interfacing with for various parties a one-off effort. The foundations for this step change in health care are already being put in place.


Ingrid Maes

Managing Director @ Inovigate