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Welcome to #T5THC on Digital Health

By Suyin Aerts #T5THC Host & Moderator

The transformation of healthcare, enabled by technology and digital.

Technology and digital do not drive transformation on their own. Instead, they enable the trends currently going on in healthcare. They are a means to a strategic end. Digital transformation in healthcare is therefore about how we create a more sustainable healthcare model for the future, enabled by technology and digital. 

By Geert Reyniers #T5THC Advisory Board Chairman // CCO @ Multipharma

The city vision on healthcare

By Claude Marinower Municipal Officer for Digitization @ City of Antwerp

Healthcare in the era of Internet of Things and Machine Learning

In this inspirational session, we’ll discover how Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Automation will come together in our daily lives and how it will disrupt the healthcare industry on multiple levels.

By Lucas Decuypere Founder & CEO @ Adagio,
Elize Van Laer Strategy Consultant Lifesciences @ Adagio

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The keys to digital healthcare success

Patient-driven innovation by human-centered design thinking.

By Stefanie Veraghtert CEO @ The Big C. & Co-Founder @ Flanders A&YA Cancer Patient Coalition

How software is still eating the world…

We used to say that software was eating the world. Today that is still the case, but we call it digital. How is digital having an impact on our healthcare system, what are the pro’s and con’s. And more importantly, what does it mean for you as care professional, patient or organization.

By Tom Braekeleirs Director @ BlueHealth Innovation Center

The World is Round: Mastering the Metastorm in Society

We are living in unprecedented times. Topics like automation & AI, jobs & income, longevity, climate change, economic decline, migration, globalisation and political polarisation are on everyone’s agenda. We are facing a Metastorm in which digital and societal disruptions are challenging our foundations. How we work, live and move around will never be the same … Continued

By Jo Caudron Digital Transformation Expert, Founding Partner @ Duval Union Consulting


Debate 1: Data anno 2019 – How to find the needle in the haystack?

By Marc Lambrechts Senior Investment Manager @ Capricorn Venture Partners,
Georges De Feu CEO @ LynxCare

Debate 2: Are MedTech and Pharma merging into a Digital Health Industry?

By Pascal Verdonck CEO @ MedTech Flanders,
Bob Moens Business Development Digital Health @ SkinVision & moveUP,
Steven Vandeput Advisor Digital Health @beMedTech

Debate 3: Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: are we exploring all opportunities?

By Jonathan Berte Founder & CEO @ Robovision,
Philippe De Backer Minister @ Belgian Federal Government,
Bart Vannieuwenhuyse Senior Director Health Information Sciences @ Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson

Digital transformation enabling a personalization of medicine

Mobile Health technology, from bench to bedside

mHealth or the use of mobile health applications, wearable sensor technology and telemonitoring still mainly takes place at the level of scientific research demonstrated by many pilot projects in collaboration with innovative disruptive companies and hospitals. In our research unit we already demonstrated the feasibility of wearable health technology and the medical and socio-economic added … Continued

By Valerie Storms Project Manager @ Mobile Health Unit UHasselt-ZOL-Jessa

What is the real AI ethical question in healthcare?

AI is raising a whole new category of questions about data and the novel use of the technology, a topic particularly sensitive in healthcare. The presentation will outline how data is used in AI and will introduce innovative concepts for the gathering of data for common good.  It will also present a set of conditions … Continued

By Bruno Schröder National Technology Officer @ Microsoft BeLux

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Deep learning = Deep liabilities? The potential legal issues in Digital Health

Far-reaching digitisation makes use of innovative technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, amongst others . These new technologies often present a challenge for the legal world, as we have to think of questions concerning liability, data protection and privacy and existing medical law. Not all technologies always seem to be adapted to … Continued

By Magali Feys Founder & IP, IT & Data Protection Lawyer @ AContrario // Member legal working party @ Ministry for Public Healthcare

Digital health platform for an ecosystem to deliver personalised and cost-efficient outcomes.

Digital health is the convergence of digital technologies with health, healthcare and society to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make care and medicines more personalized and precise. Companies have to switch from selling products to selling outcomes and care providers have to switch from delivering interventions to delivering outcomes. Improving outcomes through personalided … Continued

By Ingrid Maes Managing Director @ Inovigate

AI in the age of digital health: hype or transformative, what is it now?

In the age of digital health, the health care ecosystem is going from disruption to transformation. Artificial intelligence is a hype and a reality – but what does it really mean in the context of health care ? How can AI and analytics help the physician, and impact health care systems financially, operationally, reduce physician … Continued

By Mark Lambrecht Director Global Health and Life Sciences Practice @ SAS

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Digital transformation enables a patient-centric, multidisciplinary delivery of care

Human aspects of digital transformation of your business

In this session, we will reflect on our practical cross-sector experience. What can we learn from other complex organisations in your region? How to better leverage digital?  We will give our perspective on 3 key aspects: how to deliver value digitally & iteratively to your customers? How to do so whilst minimising disruption to the existing organisation?  What digital (leadership) … Continued

By Jaco Dijkshoorn Senior Digital Transformation Expert

The role of the digital and the physician in prevention of diseases

By Servaas Bingé Co-Founder @ & Team Doctor @ Lotto-Soudal Pro Cycling Team

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Successful digital transformation starts with the patient, or does it?

For the last couple of years, we’ve been told how important patient-centricity is and how it is a must for digital transformations. Yet for most companies, it isn’t a question of why to be patient-focused, but how. As we’ve been helping companies implement user-focused initiatives, we’ve noticed that being user-centered doesn’t start with those at … Continued

By Arnaud Dierickx Design Strategist @ U-sentric

What artificial intelligence could mean for the health care sector

The rising cost of health care, caused by a combination of aging population and rapidly increasing fundamental understanding of biological and pathological processes supporting care and cure, demands the fast introduction of evidence-based technological support for the medical professionals. Artificial intelligence is without doubt one of the most promising enabling technologies to offer this support. … Continued

By Rudy Lauwereins Vice-President @ imec / Professor @ KULeuven

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Digital transformation enables healthcare re-integration into society

The hospital without patients

Can we bring patients closer to caregivers by keeping them out of the hospital? Can we improve the overall results of a hospital – financial, operational and in terms of health outcomes – through an intense focus on ambulatory care? In this 30-minute keynote, Frank explores the concept of a “hospital without patients”. Using real-world … Continued

By Frank Dendas Country Manager & Commercial Director Health Systems @ Philips Belgium

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Smart investments in health technologies

Budgets available for healthcare are scarce. Therefore, we need to make choices on which technologies resources are spent or not. This lecture will detail why it is important and how it is possible to use resources more efficiently.

By Prof Dr Dominique Vandijck Dept. CEO @ KERTEZA / Professor @ UGent

A new way of taking care in our elderly homes

The biggest paradigm in elderly homes is the fact that our residents are happy to been taken care of but are not happy because their not @ home anymore and are not able to do the things they used to do. In this session Johan De Muynck will explain how @Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen we are trying … Continued

By Johan De Muynck CEO @ Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen

The dawn of 5G – Altering the Healthcare DNA

We stand on the doorstep of the 5G world.  When the Wright brothers invented the airplane, it fundamentally altered how we experience traveling. It wasn’t just about speed. But flight also gave us thrill of defying gravity and soaring to new heights. Flight became a new “user experience” for every traveler. So too does 5G promise … Continued

By Joeri Tranchet Managing Director Private 5G @ Citymesh

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Digital transformation removes middle-men in the value chain

Connecting the dots – How digitalization can disrupt diabetes management

What are the challenges of Diabetes for patients, health care providers and the health care system?How can digitalization help us to solve the problem?What do we need to leverage the potential?

By Daniel Wiedemann Digital Strategy Manager @ Roche Diagnostics Belgium

Collaboration between 1st and 2nd line care around the patient

By Prof. Leonard Witkamp Professor in TeleMedicine at the Department of Medical Informatics @ the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam.

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Consumer-centric health insurance: personalized risk profiling & engagement services

The advances in digital technology in the last decade gave insurers the means to create products that continuously connect and engage with customers. The adoption of technology such as telematics, mobile apps, wearables and IoT devices enables insurers to improve risk ratings, personalize premiums and adjust policy conditions on an ongoing basis.  The traditional approach … Continued

By Claudia Put PhD VP Health @ sentiance

Patient Experience Design

By Delphine Hajaji Venture Fund Partner @ UCB,
Stef Nimmegeers Co-Founder @ Bothrs

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