We stand on the doorstep of the 5G world.  When the Wright brothers invented the airplane, it fundamentally altered how we experience traveling. It wasn’t just about speed. But flight also gave us thrill of defying gravity and soaring to new heights. Flight became a new “user experience” for every traveler. So too does 5G promise to alter the nature of our digital experience, starting with the way we give and receive care.

Wireless communication is taking the world at an unprecedented move, and soon it will dominate everything. According to IHS Markit, more than $1 trillion in 5G products and services will be realized in the global healthcare sector in the year 2035, generating over 10 mio jobs.. Technologies that improve productivity and patient care, while lowering costs are much sought after and 5G is set  to open the door to personalized anywhere – anytime medicine, care and data transfer & access.” 

When and where to start? Now,…by accelerating innovation through Private 5G: Allowing medical AR/VR, Safety drones, Critical communications, Instant EPD transfer, Selfdriving transportation, Track and trace, MMIoT (Massive Medical IoT),…and truly adopting the wireless first mindset.


Joeri Tranchet

Managing Director Private 5G @ Citymesh