In this session Olaf & Wendy will combine a unique mix of relational science and innovation practice. They will give you some key insights on how you can (re-)activate the disengaged, involve and empower the engaged to establish a workforce that engages in solutions for existing and emerging challenges in your organization. When done right Relational Innovation allows for a continuous ecosystem where people feel good, perform well and eventually innovate proactively.  Come listen closely how Relational Innovation gives organizations the power to involve all people around all ideas.

Learn how to map and manage the invisible understream of thoughts, feelings and attitudes that are present in your employee population and that slow down and stop progress. Learn to talk with employees in terms of concerns, relational positions, and movement beyond problems, needs and solutions.

More information on the general concept of Relational Innovation:


Olaf Hermans, PhD

Co-Founder and Director of Customer Science @ SiR Meta Intelligence US

Wendy Vermoesen

Partner @ Yambla // Young ICT Lady of the Year 2014