Far-reaching digitisation makes use of innovative technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, amongst others . These new technologies often present a challenge for the legal world, as we have to think of questions concerning liability, data protection and privacy and existing medical law. Not all technologies always seem to be adapted to the current legislation, even the application of Artificial Intelligence and big data analyses are said to be at odds with the principles of the new privacy legislation, or is this just an illusion? In her presentation, Magali Feys will touch upon a number of legal aspects of digital health and new technologies. Rather than merely pointing out the problems, she will try to find solutions to the challenges that this poses. Innovation is therefore not only essential in the medical sector, but also in the legal sector.  


Magali Feys

Founder & IP, IT & Data Protection Lawyer @ AContrario // Member legal working party @ Ministry for Public Healthcare