Bruno Schröder

Bruno Schröder graduated as an engineer in 1982, sent his first email on Internet in 1985 and is one of the 10 people who decided to create the .BE domain on internet at the end of the 80ties. He also set up the 3 Microsoft Innovation Centers  in Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels. Next to his current role as Technology Officer of Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg, he is President of the Board of CETIC, a Belgian interuniversity IT research center and is Vice President of the Microsoft Innovation Centers Brussels and Wallonia. He is a member of the Digital Minds advisory board of Alexander De Croo and a Wallonia Digital Champion. He is an avid follower of how technology transforms our lives, our organisations and the way we work. He is currently busy with the advent of the data economy, with the protection of personal and sensitive data and with the ethical aspects of AI and the digital transformation.

Sessions with Bruno Schröder: