Do you ever feel like others view you as a scattered individual, incapable of focusing long enough on an idea or project to make it successful? Often, you’re asked to choose between your many interests, and that’s where you find yourself stuck. But what if we told you that you don’t have to choose? The era of specialists only is over. As a creative generalist, you have the unique ability to bring together various projects, ideas, and people.

“Investing in the Creative Generalist!” shows you how to define your own version of success and how to truly act on your ideas to become an entrepreneur in your own distinctive way. In five steps, it provides you with the motivation, insight, and necessary tools to finally dive into a pool full of challenges. Discover the power of embracing your creative generalist nature and unlock your path to entrepreneurial success.


Suyin Aerts

Managing Partner @ X-Treme Creations // Journalist/Presenter @ Kanaal Z