Thomas Vaarten

“Building a seamless experience, omnichannel.” That’s one of the key drivers of Thomas Vaarten, Director Marketing & Digital at Beliving: proud parent of Juntoo & Exterioo.

Since sept 2020, he’s responsible for Retail Marketing, Brand Marketing, Ecommerce, and Customer Service at Beliving, holding 2 retail concepts: Juntoo & Exterioo. “It’s an honour to represent this ‘Beliving’ company in full expansion & transformation, with the rebranding from Overstock Home to Juntoo, and Overstock Garden to Exterioo.”

Thomas Vaarten started his career – the start of his omnichannel journey – at A.S.Adventure, 9 years ago: he started on the bricks side of A.S.Adventure as Store Manager of several stores. At that time, he combined this role with a media role at VIACOM, being a community manager for MTV & TMF. After his instore roles, he became ecommerce manager of this leading omnichannel retail chain: focusing on online expertise & advice, inspiration, customer service, photography, online payments, and online marketing.

After some years, Thomas got the opportunity to step up as Digital Director and Director Sales & Digital: being responsible for ecommerce and all stores, for the retail concepts A.S.Adventure, Juttu, and A role which really is the summum of omnichannel!

After more than 8 years, he left A.S.Adventure, and jumped to Beliving, where he can continue his passion for marketing, omnichannel, and above all: the customer.

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