Pia Buysse

Pia Buysse did her Master studies in Organizational Psychology at the San Francisco State University. She there experienced the positive vibe of internet start-ups and the importance of an inclusive and constructive corporate culture for all employees. Back in Belgium she specialized for 15 years in HR processes and the impact of CSR on company culture in both small companies and multinationals.

Together with Elke Geraerts, Pia founded in 2014 Better minds at Work. She headed the consultancy branch of Better Minds at Work in order to prepare organizations for the future. Pia gets inspiration during her visits from Sillicon Valley to China and she is therefore the perfect sparring partner to make your organization excel in agility, leadership and innovation. In 2020 she founded Whyser and with a team of consultants she improves the company culture by creating a sustainable work environment.

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