Nathalie Arteel

Nathalie is a passionate entrepreneur who is convinced that organisations that focus on a positive company culture will have a significant competitive advantage in todays’ world. She believes that ‘love’ and ‘high performance’ can all go hand in hand.
She calls for increasing the moments of emotional connection at work and believes that happiness in relationships, good health and a successful career can all be combined.

According to Nathalie, success has little to do with your background or luck. The best proof of this is the path that she has personally followed. Despite a tough and problematic youth, she has managed to achieve success in the face of many difficulties. This has helped her to become a CEO and thought leader who, besides her family and work, also has time to run an average of 50km per week, take her dog for daily walks in the countryside and support social goals.

In 2010 and 2012, Nathalie was nominated for the Belgian Womed Award. In 2011, she was one of 10 female ambassadors of Enterprise selected by the European Commission. In 2013, she was the only Belgian woman to be nominated for the Woman in Sales Award in London, and wrote a book entitled Durf, leef & onderneem (Dare, Live & Be Entrepreneurial) in 2016.

Her company, Arteel Recognition Solutions, which she leads together with her husband, has become the European market leader in recognition solutions. In 2020, they founded a company in the UK.
In 2021, Arteel reached 250,000 people with its appreciation programmes. The Leuven-based company also received the SME Laureate prize in Vlaams-Brabant for its innovative technological developments and appeared in the media a number of times, three of which in De Tijd, an important Belgian newspaper that mainly focuses on business and economics.

“It took me a long time to build a positive culture in my own organisation. That was until we decided to completely change course around 20 years ago. We now help other companies to build a positive culture so that people enjoy coming to work every day. Our customer portfolio includes 82% of Belgium’s best employers.”

Nathalie is very thankful that she, together with her husband, has managed to create a fantastic culture within her organisation and that many top employers have decided to collaborate with Arteel.

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