Jan De Schepper

Jan De Schepper was top manager at Telindus, Proximus and at KV Mechelen – of the junior team. This made him a privileged witness to the cross-pollination between the sports and business worlds. In 2015, he wrote the book “Kopmannen. What leaders can learn from top athletes and vice versa”.

In September 2020, ConneXion was launched. The book – which he wrote together with Paul Van Den Bosch – explains 7 paradoxes that express the disruption of leadership.

Jan was appointed Chairman of Securitas Belgium at the end of 2020. Since 2009, Jan has held mandates on the Boards of BDO Digital, Automation and Astrid, which is responsible for the network of the police and security services. Since 2008 Jan has also been chairman of ADM, the ‘Share & Connect’ platform between IT suppliers and IT users. (more info www.adm.be).

Jan De Schepper holds a Master of Science degree and an MBA from Harvard (1997). As former CEO of Telindus and VP Proximus but also as chairman of ADM, his focus is on a pragmatic and efficient market approach and business development.

As an entrepreneur and strategic thinker, he works closely with several companies.

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