Filip Callewaert

Peter Drucker’s assertion that “making knowledge workers productive is the biggest of the 21st century management challenges”​ is the inspiration for my professional life. I believe we’re only at the beginning of this huge project.

At this moment my main job is the implementation of Confluence to support administrations & teams of knowledge workers to get the things done.

But it’s not about tools. We designed an interesting adaptive case management practice as a framework for knowledge sharing and problem solving processes. This concept and practice has been awarded for its innovative perspective with two Adaptive Case Management Awards (“Jury’s Choice”​ and “Best in the industry”​) at the BPM and Case Management Summit in Washington, June 2014 ( and “The Case”​ becomes a tool for change, knowledge sharing, getting the team things done, social learning, lean information management and many more sparkling and motivating knowledge work aspects. You’re invited to read my case in the published book “Thriving on Adaptability: Best Practices for knowledge workers”​ (Future Strategies).

Further to this, Confluence and JIRA also become the foundations for our digital workplace, supporting the generic knowledge work. Team problem solving, e-meetings, effective project management, lean HR-processes, internal communication and other processes get fused in one digital workplace that is getting the status of “the virtual living room”​ for our engineering and administrative teams.

But inseparable from tools and processes is the people’s factor. Our “Information management 2.0″​ practice is part of the corporate change project “Overstag”​ (‘Tacking one’s boat’​), as we truly believe that the 21st century is about “a new way of working with information” that will lead to more human organizations.

Sessions with Filip Callewaert: