Christine Festjens

Christine Festjens is Member of the Executive Committee and  Managing Director ‘Starters en Zelfstandigen’ at HR group Acerta.

In this business unit she introduced a change program towards a customer driven organization with a focus on digitalization and lean and user friendly processes. This resulted in the launch of digital tools for the key stakeholders eg My Acerta (2018 Award Winner) and creating a 360° “starters”platform with excellent content, smart tools and a one stop shopping for starting your business. As a result of this transformation Acerta is now market leader in the starters business with a market share of more than 24 %.

“Enhancing performance and results by innovation” runs like a constant thread trough Christine’s career. She worked for 10 years at Sanoma Media Belgium, where she was closely involved in the digitalization of the various media. In positions as Business Unit Manager Extended Products, Publishing Director and Director B-to-B Sales and Communities, she ensured substantial turnover growth in each case. She also pursues this growth strategy at the Acerta HR group (1400 employees, 1 million customers).

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