Bram Croon

Bram is a young entrepreneur and a strong believer in the phrase that if you want to win the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace.

With a background full of sports and an economical education at Vlerick, Bram launched his career during several commercial roles at AB Inbev in 2016.
During those 5 years in the beer industry, Bram discovered his passion for people.
What motivates people? How do you influence their motivation? And what role should an organization play in the maximization of the performances of its employees? – Questions that fuel Bram’s engine.

In 2021, Bram decided to pursue a lifelong dream by launching his own business together with a very good friend.
With Foodm, Bram & Mathias are on a mission to connect local food professionals with local employees. Why? Because gathering employees around the table by providing immediately available delicious meals increases employee engagement.
You know what they say: Good food = Happy mood. And happy employees strengthen the mutual bond and corporate culture.

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