Awatif AlSuwaidi

Awatif AlSuwaidi has held a number of senior positions in the General Command of Dubai Police over the past ten years with extensive experience in Wellbeing, Technology & Smart city. Currently, Ms AlSuwaidi is the CEO of the Happiness and Positivity Council, founded in March 2017. The Happiness and positivity Council seeks to inspire and implement science-based programs in the workplace for Dubai Police Employees and the community of.  For the past four years, Ms AlSuwaidi has dedicated her knowledge and passion to reinforce the “Happiness and Wellbeing” project in everyday life at the workplace (Dubai Police). She is one of the Happiness City Champions in Dubai who implements the Happiness Agenda,  in addition to role as the Chief Happiness & Wellbeing officer in the  Government Network chain in the UAE.

Previously, Ms AlSuwaidi was a Smart Application Manager in the Information Technology Department. During these years, Ms AlSuwaidi managed to lead several sections, in addition to responsible for major projects, and implemented tech solutions in order to have Best Mobile APP in the region. Among a list of achievements, Ms AlSuwaidi motivated staff to adopt healthy and productive skills to build up long term career goals.

Ms AlSuwaidi’s vast experience combined with years of studies and acquiring knowledge through more than twenty training courses including, abroad certified amongst the United Nations Online Immersion Program, Disney’s Approach to quality services , Ashirdge Hult Innovative Leadership program and Designing Cities in Tokyo & Copenhagen.  Ms AlSuwaidi developed a roadmap for the role she’s currently handling, which mainly focuses on wellbeing & creating a happy and highly engaging workplace culture for employees.  The road map constraining a mental health plan for the stuff, strategic successful mechanism of work, and most importantly helping employees recognize that the work that they do is meaningful and their efforts contribute positively not only in the organization itself, but also beyond as they create a positive impact in the community. She is extremely passionate about SDGs and the Impact to the Globe.

She received her  Master Degree in (Information Technology Management) from the University of Wollongong and she also holds a professional Diploma in Happiness and Smart City from Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition, she recently received two Professional Diplomas in  Digital service design and a Professional Diploma in  Interior Design.

Sessions with Awatif AlSuwaidi: