This workshop is aimed at senior professionals in marketing, ecommerce, CRM and CX positions and will cover:

  • how CDP fits into the larger marketing data architecture, key benefits provided by CDPs, and an overview of the CDP industry and trends.
  • how CDP relates to business and marketing strategy, developing CDP use cases, and uncovering requirements for CDP success.
  • selecting the right CDP, including requirements definition, key differentiators, specific features to look for, and running an effective selection process.
  • CDP deployment planning, including readiness checklists, overcoming organizational roadblocks, project planning, and finding the right deployment sequence.

Key takeaways include:

  • A checklist of marketing technology functions needed to benefit from CDP
  • Mapping CDP use cases to CDP system requirements
  • 27 Key CDP features and how to know which you need
  • Toolkit of vendor selection techniques
  • Anwers to all of your questions by CDP solution experts


David M. Raab

Founder & President @ CDP Institute