The 5th conference on
Health Tech

Shaping the future of healthcare by showcasing and sharing insights on medtech and digital health

BluePoint Antwerpen, Filip Williotstraat, Antwerp, Belgium

Discover the focus themes of this fourth #T5THC edition on Health Tech


Population health & health technology in smart cities

Accelerated by the Covid-19 crisis, more healthcare services are being provided at the place where people live, supported by new technologies. On a macro level, these health technologies are also contributing to transforming the infrastructure of cities around the world. Emerging technologies like remote and wearable sensors, artificial intelligence, 5G, and smart cameras are just a few of the ways smart cities can address healthcare challenges, allowing city services to respond promptly to urgent health needs and to make decisions to avoid unhealthy situations.

  • Smart cities models
  • The role of partnerships between community organizations
  • Population management
  • How mining healthcare big data will help identify populations for targeted prevention, screening and treatment efforts


Smart healthcare technology

With the Internet of Things (IoT), health systems can access and analyze new patient datasets from medical devices, apps, wearables, home monitors and more. Artificial intelligence (AI) and applied analytics help healthcare organizations with administrative tasks, automating outreach by accessing patient data. While these technologies improve health outcomes and save health systems time and money, they also increase vulnerability to cybersecurity breaches.

  • The technologies of the future under development today
  • How to measure the quality of health technology outcomes
  • How technology can compensate the shortage of caregivers
  • Data security – how to secure a proper use of healthcare data


Healthcare technology and data to blur the lines of care

Health care is regulated along different lines. This means that care is provided at different levels of specialization. However, the division between these lines in not clear-cut and ofter depends on the perception of the care by care providers themselves. The term “first line” refers to the basic health care provided to a person in need of care outside the walls of a hospital.

  • Collaboration between all caregivers through the use of common data
  • The changing role of healthcare providers & technology systems
  • Physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other caregivers: how to evolve to healthcare coaches
  • Role of different caregivers in “zero-care” or “all-care”


The empowered consumer of the future

The term “patient empowerment” is among the top buzzwords in healthcare circles, but as with many buzzwords, they can mean different thing to different people. The term is most often used to emphasize the value of having patients assert greater control over their health and healthcare. WHO defines empowerment as “a process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health” (WHO 1998). This shift is due in large part to the use of technology that facilitates increased patient access to information via the internet, peer-to-peer sharing, consumer health devices and mobile apps.

  • What policies, investments and ways of working across sectors can address the social determinants of health to improve health
  • Doctor Google – can we trust the data
  • How can health technology and data be trusted by people in need of healthcare

Advisory board

Anne Massij

Partner @ Monitor Deloitte / Health Care Sector Leader

Johan Cattersel

Executive Chairman @ INNOCOM

Pascal Verdonck

CEO @ MedTech Flanders // Professor Biomedical Engineering & Medical Technology

Katrien Huygens

Projectmanager Digital Innovation & Health @ City of Antwerp

Ann Peters

General Manager @ Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM)

Dimitri De Rooze

Director Data & Digital Transformation @ Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen

Geert Reyniers

CEO @ Multipharma // President of the #T5THC Health Tech advisory board

Maarten Walravens

Deputy of Chief Medical Director @ Sint-Maarten Hospital

Tom Braekeleirs

CEO @ BlueHealth Innovation Center

Strategic Partner