The venue and how to get there

This edition of The 5th Conference on Wired for Growth will be held at the Lamot Conference Center, Van Beethovenstraat 8-10 in Mechelen. Situated in the city center it’s quite easy to get there.

By car

Lamot can still be accessed easily by car. You can choose the relatively inexpensive peripheral car parks “Zandpoortvest 1 & 2” or “Q-Park Mechelen Bruul”. If you are early you can be lucky to find a spot at the “Q-Park Lamot” right next to the venue or at the “Indigo Parking Hoogstraat” back at the beginning of the street.

By public transport

If it is a nice day and you would like to get to your 10K steps a day, walk from Mechelen railway station to the venue. It is only a 10 minutes walk.
With the bus you can take the Centrumpendel and hop off at the stop “Korenmarkt”, nearby the venue.

Your ticket

You registered via the registration tool Eventbrite. Which is awesome. You can show your (digital) ticket and we will provide you with a badge at the entrance.

Doors will open at 9:00.

The mobile application

At The 5th Conference we try to decrease the use of paper where we can. Thanks to our mobile app you can discover the full programme, create your own schedule for the day, get all the details of speakers, partners and other attendees. But you can also start to communicate with other attendees and set up a meeting with them at the conference.

The app will stay open for attendees, partners and speakers up to 3 months after the event. After that all will be deleted.

As from October 14th you will get an invitation to login to our app. But you can prepare yourself and download it via the app stores on iOS and Android.
Just look for #T5THC22 or The 5th Conference (NOT take the one with 2021 behind it) and install the app. Login and pass will follow.

If you missed the invitation, no worries. Go to your app store and search for ‘The 5th Conference’ app. Download it and reclaim your password by entering with the email your registered for the event.


If you have any questions, remarks or things to add, you can mail us via

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